Sirf Tum 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update

Sirf Tum 2nd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Ranveer that she can’t wait more and just wants him in her life. Ranveer says I had told you that I trust our love, I knew that one day you will break all relations and will come back to me. Ansh and Rhea come there. Ansh pulls Suhani towards him. Ranveer gets up and asks him to leave, else his dead body will be here. Ansh says I have come to take my wife, whom I got married infront of the world and who is my wife legally. Suhani says whom you blackmailed and brought her here, with whom you had married with planning, and you had never thought her as a human and behaved inhumanly with her. She says today I free myself from all relations, and free myself from this betrayal marriage. She says Ranveer was my life and is my life, I am returning back to my life. Ranveer asks Ansh, if he heard what Suhani said and says I had told you, the day Suhani refuses to acknowledge her marriage with you, I won’t let you in her life, and says now Ranveer and Suhani will marry. Ansh laughs and says I don’t know that you don’t have any legal information, and says you can’t marry Ranveer until I divorce her, which will never happen and sadly you have to visit court. Ranveer says you will not be alive and grabs his collar. Ansh asks Inspector to see, that he is attacking her. Suhani gives her promise asking him to leave him. Ranveer leaves him. Ansh says you can’t marry Suhani in this birth as I will not divorce her. Suhani stops Ranveer. Ansh says I will divorce her, but you have to agree to my conditions. He thanks Inspector for helping him search them. He says this is our family matter, and I don’t want to file complaint against him. inspector says I will close the case. Ansh asks Suhani what she was telling that a complete life looks less, and tells Ranveer that to get Suhani, he has to accept him as legal brother, shall give him half property and shall help his mother gets wife’s rights and shall fulfill his dreams. Ranveer says I will never accept you as my brother, you will never become part of my house, amidst your conspiracies. He says even if I die, my mother’s sindoor will not share with anyone. Ansh says ok, then you will also not get to fill sindoor in Suhani’s maang ever. He says they will talk after going home and tells Suhani that whatever he did was to get his rights, and tells her that she needs to lose more moments of her life. He says see you soon and leaves.

Vikrant is about to leave in the car. He stops seeing the car coming and Ranveer getting down from it. Suhani also gets down from it. Vikrant gets happy and calls everyone, saying my Ranveer has come. Mamta hears him and thanks Mata Rani. She takes aarti plate and goes out. Vikrant walks towards Ranveer. Ranveer turns his face. Vikrant gets sad and stops. He sits in the car. Mamta, Dada ji and others come out. Mamta hugs Ranveer. Vikrant leaves in his car. Ranveer asks mamta to wipe her tears, else he will go. Mamta asks him to be quiet.

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