Sirf Tum 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer threatens of killing Ansh

Sirf Tum 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying I want to know if this is the truth. Mamta says so Ranveer told you the truth. Suhani says no, he didn’t tell anything. Suhani recalls his words. She asks is this the same matter for which Ranveer didn’t come that day. Ansh says rich people just know this. He gets Asha. He says I will shout out and tell everyone the truth, how long will we hide this. Everyone comes there. Mamta worries. Dada ji asks what’s happening. Asha says Ansh, get quiet. Ansh says please let me tell the truth. Ansh asks Dada ji does he identify Asha, she is Vikrant’s first love. Everyone is shocked. Mamta cries.

Ansh says I m Vikrant’s elder son. Uncle asks what’s this nonsense. Ansh says I m saying the truth. Dada ji asks Mamta. Ansh says she knows this since many years, she didn’t get us our rights till now, she has always stood by her husband and hid his truth. Mamta cries. Ansh says Vikrant has thrown us away like we mean nothing, I m facing the people since childhood, Vikrant has troubled us a lot, he ruined our lives. He recalls Vikrant’s words.

Vikrant comes and asks what drama is going on. He says its my house, I don’t want any drama here. Dada ji slaps him. everyone gets shocked. Suhani gets Ranveer’s call. She asks him to come home fast. Ranveer comes inside the house. He goes to Mamta and consoles her. Mamta says Ansh has told everyone about Vikrant and Asha, what will happen when everyone gets to know it. Ranveer angrily goes and drags Ansh out of the house. Asha runs after them. Ranveer slaps Ansh and pours kerosene on him. Asha asks Ranveer to leave Ansh. Everyone looks on. Ansh asks Ranveer did you go mad. Ranveer locks him somewhere. Asha gets dizzy. Suhani holds her. Ranveer pours the kerosene on the room. Ansh says open the door, you will get jailed if you kill me, think of your mum, open the door. Suhani says Ranveer you can’t kill someone. Ranveer says I should have killed him, he broke this secret in front of the family, he will tell the entire world tomorrow, he has no right to stay alive. Ranveer ignites the lighter.

Suhani says its not Asha’s fault, she is also a mum like Mamta, look at her, don’t do this, please stop Ranveer. Asha asks Ranveer to stop and forgive Ansh. Mamta says spare him, you can’t do wrong with anyone, you can’t kill anyone’s life. Ranveer calms down. Asha frees Ansh and takes him. Everyone leaves. Ranveer says I couldn’t come that day because of Ansh, he told me the truth intentionally on that day. He tells everything.

He says I stayed quiet to save my mum’s respect, else Ansh’s mum would have also lose her respect, he has insulted my mum today. He angrily goes. Suhani cries. She says so sorry, I couldn’t understand you. Dada ji scolds Vikrant for his big cheat. He apologizes to Mamta. He says you have tolerated a big injustice, why did you hide this from me when you regard me your dad. Vikrant’s brother says I have respected you a lot, but I feel ashamed of you today. Vikrant feels sorry. Dada ji says forgive us Mamta. He blesses her.

Its morning, Suhani says I used to say big things that I love Ranveer and can do anything for him, but I failed in the love test, I misunderstood him, I m sorry, I used to just love him but today I respect him a lot. Mamta consoles her and wipes her tears.

Precap: Suhani and Ranveer are on vacation in mountains. Ranveer is surrounded by men with guns.
Suhani says to Ranveer, sorry I misunderstood you and I love you. Ansh walks to them and takes Suhani away.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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