Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Reema gets the house duties

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reema trying some perfume. She asks Chitra is she there. She gets some letter. She reads, I have to repent for Giriraj’s deeds, I will come when Badimaa forgives me. Reema happily dances and says I will rule here now, no one is here, Badimaa is busy, now I m the queen of this house. She imagines herself as the queen. She runs to Badimaa. Badimaa asks Vivaan to call Aarav. Vivaan calls Aarav. Aarav says I will be reaching in few hours. Vivaan tells this to Badimaa. Simar is in the market. Badimaa says Gajender and Vivaan, I want your plates empty, Gajender has to get well soon and handle everything, he needs strength, eat well. She asks them to eat. Reema comes shouting. She says Chitra left the house, she wrote this letter, she will come back when she gets forgiven. Badimaa says she needs to repent, Vivaan don’t spoil your mood, have food, Sandhya take care of Gajender, Reema has some duties towards the house, so she will handle the duties. Reema says yes, tell me what to do. Badimaa asks her to handle Navratri arrangements.

Reema says I will get the house keys also, really. Badimaa asks did you say anything. Reema asks her to keep the eyes. Badimaa says its not easy to keep the responsibilities. Reema says I know, I m really ready for it. Badimaa says so much perfume in the morning. Aarav is on the way. Simar prays in the temple. She prays for her family.

A truck comes in front of Aarav’s car. He turns the car aside. He goes and washes his face. He imagines Simar. She says its risky to drive continuously. He says its not risky than losing you, I m coming Simar. Simar leaves from the temple. She comes in front of a car. Aarav smiles and gets down the car. He sees a little girl. Simar leaves. The girl says you got saved because you had dhyaan on Matarani, no need to say sorry, are you finding someone. He asks how do you know. She says everyone comes here with prayers. He asks her what’s her name. She says Amba. He says beautiful name, I have come to get someone back, you are Matarani’s avatar, bless me. She says sure, your prayer will get fulfilled. He takes her blessings. He smiles.

He turns and says Jai Mata di. He looks for the girl. Samar and Simar check the arrangements. She says I had gone to the temple. He says we have to start the climb today and do the recording tomorrow. The man says remember, you have to eat pure Satvik food, that’s it. Reema likes the food. Badimaa asks Reema not to serve the masala food for everyone, Navratri is beginning. Reema lies to her. Badimaa goes. Sandhya pulls Reema’s ears and says you ordered these food and lied to Badimaa, right. Reema says you caught me, I thought everyone will have a better mood. Sandhya says satvik food is best. Simar says I always have satvik food. Sandhya says you have to understand a bit, become responsible Reema, control your heart. Simar says I feel anyone coming here with bad thoughts also reforms. Chitra reaches there. She takes a cab. She thinks I will reach Simar and kill her.
Precap: Aarav is walking towards temple. Simar is on the same path. Aarav shouts her name loudly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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