Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhami chaims to be Aarav’s first wife

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on The Episode starts with Aarav is about to fill sindoor in Dhami’s hairline, when the electricity goes off. Simar is running and stops. Dhami holds his hand and makes him fill sindoor in her hairline. Aarav is surprised and shocked. Electricity comes back. Simar comes inside and sees Aarav sitting with the veiled bride. She shouts Aarav ji. Aarav looks at Simar surprisingly. Everyone present there gets shocked seeing here coming from outside. Aarav is also shocked to see Simar there and looks at the bride. He gets up and looks at Simar. He walks towards her. Simar also walks towards Aarav and gets teary eyes. Dhami gets up and lifts her veil. Everyone looks at her shockingly. Dhami smiles. Badi Maa is taken aback and shocked. Indu and Avinash look shocked too. Samar comes inside and sees the marriage already happened. Dhami smiles. Simar looks at Dhami. Dhami comes near Simar. Aarav looks at Dhami. Simar sees Dhami wearing her bridal dress. Everyone comes near Simar. Aarav stands shocked and asks Dhami, what are you doing here and says you was going to America with Dr. Rao. She says I have caught only one flight, and it landed in your embrace. She says love always wins. She comes near Aarav and holds his close. Simar asks her to stay away from him and pushes her. She asks her not to touch her Aarav ji. Dhami asks her to look at the sindoor, mangalsutra and the bridal dress, it is all truth. She asks her to go away from there. Badi Maa recalls Gopi marrying Yamini. She gets angry and asks Dhami to stay away from them. She asks Simar, what has happened? She says from where you came? why this girl is in bridal dress. Dhami says I got married to Aarav infront of everyone, now I am his wife and bahu of the house. Badi Maa asks her to be quiet and asks her to mind her tongue else she will not take a moment to throw her out. She says I don’t know if this is joke or drama, whatever it is, I don’t accept it. She asks Aarav to ask her to wipe her sindoor, take off her mangalsutra and bridal dress. Aarav is silent and shocked. Badi Maa asks him to say something. Dhami says truth will not change, if I throw these things. She says I am Aarav’s wife. Badi Maa says you are not Aarav’s wife, woman like you ruin houses, and says woman like you used to trap men and ruin houses, and says such women are called as other woman in the society. She says other woman is the epitome of betrayal and cheat. She says goons attack the jewellery and money, but other woman snatches the woman’s rights and pride. She says whatever she does, but she will be other woman in the society. She says law doesn’t regard this marriage and says I can’t let anyone take Simar’s place in Aarav’s life. She says Simar is Aarav’s legal wife and Oswal family’s grand daughter in law is Simar Oswal and I will not let anyone snatch her rights. She says Simar’s sasural is standing with her. She tells that all the family members are standing with Simar. Sasural Simar ka….plays….. Dhami says I saw and understood, you said right. She says you said my words with your mouth. She says you said other woman is cheat and don’t have any status in society and such woman shall be thrown out of the house. She asks what shall I do? Shall I throw this other woman and looks at Simar. Simar looks on shocked. Aarav stands silent still. Simar asks Aarav to come from there. He is standing still on his place in trauma. Badi Maa looks at them shockingly. Samar looks on. Dhami smiles and comes near Aarav and Simar. She asks Simar to leave her Aarav. She says you saw that Aarav don’t want to go anywhere and if anyone has to go from here, then it is you. She says you are Aarav and my life’s eclipse and wound. She says you are Aarav’s life other woman. She says you are second wife of Aarav. Badi Maa asks what are you saying? Dhami tells that she is legally wedded wife of Aarav and the first woman. She says I am standing here in bridal dress. She says she is Dhami Aarav Oswal. Simar says if you utter any more word then my Mata Rani doesn’t know what I will do, and says I am his only wife. Dhami says Mata Rani made me meet him, you are nothing to him in his life. Reema asks are you done with your nonsense, and says we are not interested in your bullshit and don’t trust you. Dhami says you said the right word trust and says if I make you believe that I am his first legally wedded wife, then will you agree? She says I will just come. Simar looks at Aarav shockingly. Dhami returns and asks Aarav to make everyone have the sweets of trust. She asks him to make Simar know the truth first. She shows the marriage certificate to Simar and tells that it is not ordinary paper. She says Dhami Kapoor and Aarav Oswal are married, it is written here. Everyone looks shocked. Simar looks at Aarav. Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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