Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav Goes Against Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th Feb 2022 Written Updates


Scene 1

Geetanjali says inspector arrest her. She is part of the plot to murder my son. She’s fighting to help her son. Inspector says that if she’s a witness, we should listen to her statements as well. Geetanjali states”What?” Inspector says we’ll look into the matter. Aarav states that Simar you’re trying to rescue the attacker of papa? Simar claims he’s my father as well. I’m also interested in finding out who was the person who attacked him. Gagan did not shoot, however another person did. I’ll discover who was responsible. It’s extremely complex, I’ll discover who was behind it. I’m sure you can trust me. Papa was shot and his oxygen supply was cut off. Someone else is responsible for this. Chitra along with Raj are stunned. Simar claims he’s doing it in our home. Aarav has enough Simar. Are you seeking to blame your family in order to protect your brother? Simar affirms that Gagan was not shot since there were no ammunition in the gun. Everyone is stunned. Simar claims I took out all bullets on my own. Aarav says I get it. If Simar believes that there’s something amiss, it’s best to investigate. Inspector suggests we visit the place and conduct an investigation.

Scene 2
Everybody goes in the cave. Simar claims that when I arrived here that badi maa was sitting inside this seat. I grabbed Gagan’s gun and took each bullet. Aarav says , where are they? Simar searches at the gunshots. The bullets aren’t there. Chitra and Raj arrived before they left and threw them out. Simar isn’t sure.. Geetanjali says I said she was making stories to help her brother. Simar says no , I took them away. I’m not sure why they not in the room. Chitra declares that you’re an utter liar. Simar isn’t convinced.. Chitra says your brother was a murderer. Gajendra. It’s murder. Gagan says yes yes yes. I was shot, and I acknowledge that I was responsible for all this. Get rid of all this. Simar is saying don’t repeat all this. Simar tells Aarv Please don’t believe him. Simar is saying this under tension. There’s a huge conspiracy going on in this. I can’t explain. Someone took these bullets out and also removed his oxygen. It’s family members.. Someone who is fooling us. Aarav has said enough Simar. Nothing more.

Simar claims that I swore on you. Simar says stop blaming me for my family. Simar says your family? He claims your brother shot my father and are trying to help him? Badi Maa is right regarding your actions. You’re poisonous. It’s a poison instilled in my family. Since the day you came to this place, everyone is suffering. Look at everyone. Everything has gone wrong since I first met you. It is now clear that having to be in mandap at your sister’s home was not an act of desperation. It was your intention. Simr tells you”What.. He agrees. You are the person you are. Badi maa was able to see your real life but I was unable to. I returned you to home. I didn’t even know that you would harm my family, and I wouldn’t bring you back. I would rather not. My family is in this mess because of your actions. I was a victim of your lying. I was the one to blame for loving you. It was love that turned into the curse of my family. Everyone is suffering due to your actions. Dad’s life may be at risk due to your actions. Simar is crying. Aarav speaks about everything to the fact that you. You’ve deceived me. This was the biggest mistake I made to trust and love you. An error I’ll regret for the rest of my life.

Simar claims that you’ll regret your love for me? He leaves and tells Geetanjali Please forgive me. The truth is right in my face. I was selfish. I didn’t realize the reality. All of this was due to me. My dad is currently in the hospital. He’s paying me for my mistakes. He embraced me and told me I must always be with him. I was unable to stop him. I let him go. My hero was him. I could not protect him. What kind of son am i. How would he be feeling. What is the reason.. Why didn’t I pay attention to you? He is crying. Geetanjali hugs him. He says everything was due to Simar. Simar. Simar claims that he knows that you’re wounded. However, something massive is going on. A member of our family has attacked papa. Aarav tells me how do that you Simar Narain.. You can’t accuse my relatives of being a problem. I’ve witnessed enough. I’m not listening to you any longer. Simar embraces him and says I’ve never lied to you. Please don’t forget me. He slaps her and says that I’ve always felt your loyalty. I didn’t even know that you were poisonous. I’ve experienced enough. Simar says , what is he saying? He claims you’re not the Simar I believed you were. You’re still taking the brother’s side. You are a tyrant to this family.

Episode ends

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