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Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th Feb 2022 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Episode Written Update
Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Episode Written Update

Scene 1

Chita claims that Rajendra states that his condition is not overly serious. We have the ability to help. Simar advises everyone that we must remain positive for papa. He’ll be fine in the near future. He won’t like seeing you in this manner. It is not my intention for him make me feel like a scolding. She offers them tea. She tells them that Papa’s a Hero. the perfect man he is. She claims that maa aditi Papa is a winner and fighter. We must all remain positive and keep praying for him throughout the through the night and day.

Chitra advises against this type of thing. Aarav says , what is it you’re doing? Chitra claims she was a badi maa taken by her older brother. SImar insists it’s not as simple as this. She claims that you’ve discovered his exact location. How? What transpired? It was all part of her planned. Gajendra is suffering due to her. Simar insists that this isn’t true. reality. Sandhya claims that enough is enough. CHitra is correct. You are accountable for his situation.

Raj arrives at Gajendra’s bedroom in the meantime. He turns off his oxygen. Aarav is asking maa, please don’t weep. We must remain with mama. Sandhya insists that I’m not listening to anything at the moment. Everything is in order. Everything is clear. Aarv says that I’ll investigate it, but please. We must be thinking of papa right now. He states Simar You called papa right? She said yes because papa was trying to resolve the issue. Papa promised to solve everything for the family. It’s my family too. Geetanjali claims that you’re not member of this family. If you were a part of Ganjedra’s family, you wouldn’t you have had no trouble. Your brother wouldn’t be asking you to leave. We’ll get our justice. Chitra believes that Gajendra should not have been there by himself. Aarav affirms I’m with you Simar. The man holds the hand of Aarav. He tells her that for the moment we need to resolve the issues. She thanks him.

Simar is a nurse who asks Simar to help with Gajendra’s wedding. Rajendra arrives. Raj pretends to sleep on the couch. Rajendra fixes his oxygen. He tells his sister that you’ll stay in this place all the time. Do not leave him for even a second. He goes away. Simar prays for Gajendra. She prays that she can heal her papa. Rajendra tells Simar I have to speak to Simar about it. Papa is okay, she says? He is sure. He was in his medication time and you made a call to the nursing home. It was life-saving yet again. His oxygen cylinder was shut. Thank God I was to fix it. It could be an error but I’m not sure that it’s something other. Simar is saying what? He suggests that we be closer. What is it about? Gajendra’s story? Simar says that I hope that it’s not someone who is close to us. I’m trying to find the person responsible.

Scene 2

Police come outside. They detain Gagan. SImar is not happy.. Bhai.. She tells him to go away. Geetanjali gets called down. She is carrying guns. Aarv is trying to calm her. He tells her to be quiet. Papa isn’t well. I can’t risk you. We’re asking you to not leave. Geetanjali comes downstairs. Aarav sees Aditi. She breaks down crying. Sandhya is smacking him and asks what did you do? She continues to slap him. Police stop her. Sandhya claims you’ve destroyed my daughter’s life , and almost killed my husband .. Simar rushes in. Sandhya insists that you come and look at the damage you caused to my husband. Aarav calms her down. Aarav asks why you bring him to this place? He claims we wanted Geetanjali to recognize the man.

Geetanjali claims he’s the one who killed my son. Simar claims that’s not the case. He did not shoot anyone. He’s made a few mistakes, however he didn’t inflict harm to anyone. Geetanjali claims that I’m witness. He shot Ganjendra before me. Simar affirms that I am the sole witness of the incident. Your back was facing them. I noticed it. She didn’t shoot him. She claims you’re the culprit’s sister. Geetanjali insists that she be arrested too She’s a part of this plot.

Episode ends

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