Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Badi Maa throws Simar out, Gajendra to get back his memory

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reema telling Simar that this is her sasural and it is her right to stay here, and nobody can throw you out from here. She says I have an idea. Vivaan tells that he has seen the CCTV footage and noticed that Tau ji was not scared of Gagan and infact called him, but Aditi asked him to go. Aditi says Gagan helped me take Papa to his room and says I am trying to make everyone understand this, but nobody is believing me. She says I was there and saw everything, but nobody is believing me. Simar says I knew that Bhai had not gone there with any wrong intention, and says Mata Rani knows that he didn’t do wrong. She says it is too late now, and tells that now the accusations are done on us already. Reema says I know that you haven’t added Bhang in Thandai and gave to Maharaj ji and others in a jug. Aditi asks who called the DJ. Simar says I have to go from here, it is decided. Vivaan says I will talk to Badi Maa and make her understand. Aditi says Chacha ji went to police with the footage when Gagan is leaving. Vivaan asks Reema about her idea. Reema says we will take Tau ji to the temple and recreate the scene, so that he can get back his memory. Vivaan says it is not safe to take him outside, but idea is good. Simar says we can recreate temple here and says she wants to take last chance for Papa and Bhai and is sure that this idea will work.

Giriraj and Chitra’s lawyer asks Inspector to arrest Gagan, as he went to attack Gajendra again. Inspector says this time that guy will not be saved.

Gajendra wakes up and sees the temple on the projector screen. He says this temple and bell sound. He recalls Simar swearing that she will handle all the situation and will talk to Bhai. Simar tells the dialogues. Gajendra says I trust you Simar. They see next scene where Badi Maa is tied to the chair and Simar frees her. Reema is sitting on the chair as Badi Maa, and Simar and Vivaan as Gagan open the rope. Simar asks badi maa, are you fine. Aarav comes there and asks what drama is going on? Simar asks him for a last chance. He says Papa was shot. Simar asks for a chance again. He says unbelievable.

Gajendra recollects the scene, where Reema as Badimaa telling that she knows that you both brother and sister have kidnapped me and says my son will save me. She calls Gajendra. Gajendra says Maa.

Vivaan and Simar act as Gagan and Simar. Vivaan says you are thinking us wrong. Reema as Badi Maa ask Gajendra to shoot him. Vivaan as Gagan aims gun at Suresh. Suresh acts as Gajendra and asks him to shoot him. Giriraj and Chitra come back home and tell Badi Maa that Gagan will be arrested anytime soon. Badi Maa gets up and is going from there when she hears their voices. Vivaan says I will shoot. Suresh says fire the gun. Gajendra gets up and recalls the scene clearly and also recalls Giriraj shooting at him from hideout. He faints and falls down on the ground. Everyone shouts. Badi Maa comes inside and asks what happened to him. Gajendra is bleeding. Badi Maa looks at Reema wearing her clothes. She asks them to call Rajendra. Simar calls Rajendra and asks him to come home. Rajendra says he is coming. He comes and checks Gajendra. He asks what was the need to do this, his condition was already weak, if he has any blood clot then his condition will worsen. He says I will go and talk to neurosurgeon.

Badi Maa asks Aarav, what was the need to do this and says I told that nobody will do any drama or will not show any drama. She asks whose idea was it? Reema says Badi Maa. Simar says it was my idea. Reema is shocked. Badi Maa says I had told you to throw this girl out of Oswal Mansion, and says not a word anymore, and says I will do whatever I can to save my son from this evil. She tells that nothing is left, this girl has made our home as drama stage and the family members’ life as game. She holds Simar’s hand. Vivaan says Badi Maa. Badi Maa says nobody shall interfere and takes Simar to hall. She pushes her and tells that she is throwing this poison right away and ending her chapter here. She asks Aarav to pack her bags and bring them here, says she will not bear anything related to her. Aarav says Badi Maa. Badi Maa says this is the decision time and asks him to decide whom he will choose, his father who is struggling between life and death or this girl who brought him to this condition. She asks him to decide and shouts asking him to tell his decision. Aarav says Simar was ready to leave this house before itself. He shouts calling Maharaj to bring Simar’s all stuff fast. Badi Maa signs him and goes. Aarav looks at Simar. Reema and Vivaan tell Badi Maa that it was their plan, Simar was not convinced, but they convinced her. Badi Maa asks Vivaan not to interfere and says everytime you played with the peace of the house, by supporting that girl. She asks Reema not to support her, if she thinks herself as Oswals. She asks them not to force her to show her rudra avatar to them, and says whoever comes infront of my son’s life, will be destroyed.

Aarav tells Simar that she has done wrong and says you said that it was last chance, see his condition. Simar says Papa needs you, go inside. Aarav says I will go, and says if anything happens to Papa, then you will be responsible.

Precap: Simar goes to Maa Vaishno Devi’s temple to fulfill her dreams. Badi Maa asks Aarav to go and bring the eldest bahu of the Oswal Mansion. Aarav goes to Vaishno devi to bring her back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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