Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav and Simar meet Dhami

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav apologizing to Simar. He says I couldn’t keep any marriage vow, forgive me, I won’t make any mistake, I promise you… Simar says not a promise, promise often breaks and it breaks the heart too. He says I m much ashamed, please forgive me. Vivaan says Reema, this is not fair. Sandy says brilliant Reema, you are made for limelight, no one can stop you once this video comes out, best of luck. Reema thanks him. She checks Vivaan’s missed calls. She says what will I tell him. Devesh looks on and says I will ruin all of you, Reema.

Aarav cuts his finger and fills sindoor in Simar’s maang. She says I feel the pain when you get hurt. They have a talk. She says two hearts shouldn’t break forever. He says never from now, my love and faith for you, the respect has got 10 times more. She says Matarani has always united us, she has proved that we are blessed by her, I have given this relation a status of God in my heart, its good you have come here, I would have died if I have lived without you. He says I wasn’t alive without you, never leave me, please forgive me. She says it’s a big apology that you have come, end this here, let me thank my Matarani, she has given me a lot. She thanks Matarani. She prays for her family. Yamini and Samar look on. She says the story didn’t end. Samar says I won’t let this story end easily. Aarav calls Sandhya and says I m coming back, I got Simar. She asks really, is she coming. He says yes. Sandhya thanks Matarani. Aarav and Simar hold hands, and smile. Samar says you had come here for a professional assignment, I hope you won’t leave it incomplete. Aarav asks Simar to come. She goes with him. She gets surprised seeing the lunch arrangements. She says so much food, did you call entire baraat. He says no, just my bride, but something is lacking. She asks what. He shows her ring. She says its really Matarani’s miracle. He makes her wear the ring. He says we get what belongs to us, now you look more pretty. They sit and have food.

He says the food here is truly amazing. She says yes. She pulls his leg and smiles. He also teases her. She gets upset with him. He goes after her and says your nose gets red when you get angry, I don’t care how you appear, I love your heart, I love your soul, we are in the valleys of Matarani, its so peaceful here, no one can snatch our moments, I wish to sit and hear your talks, just Aarav and Simar, no one else. A girl comes running and hugs Aarav. Chitra looks on and says which angle is this. Aarav says Dhami Kapoor… Dhami says you have changed after coming to India, I have come to this Dhaam just to hear my name from you, I had last hope and it got fulfilled today, I just had a mannat and it got fulfilled. He says you here… She says you are not on social media, you disappeared from my life, I came here to pray, Matarani made me meet you. He asks her to meet Simar. She asks who. He holds Simar and says my wife, my life, my everything. Dhami gets shocked. Simar says I m Simar Aarav Oswal. Dhami hugs her. She says this is so cool, but I didn’t imagine this. She asks Aarav why did you not tell me about your marriage. She says I m Aarav’s best friend, secret keeper, partner in crime, everything, Vivaan, Aarav and I used to study together in US college, we used to have everything together. She says those days were so good, I used to cherish those memories, Aarav used to live with me all the time, that way I m your Sautan. She says people used to think that Aarav and I will get married, we had a hashtag also, Dharav, this cheater married you, don’t know why, Aarav has to pay a big price for this. Aarav says everything happened so soon, how did you come to India. She says I came to find my partner, I got a surprise here, you are married now, don’t you worry, I will find a nice place for myself. Chitra comes and says stay in our house, you are Aarav’s good friend, welcome home, right Simar. Dhami says sure, I will go home and ask Vivaan when and how did this happen.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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