Sangani (SwaSan FF) Love and Hate (Episode 5)

Episode 5 ( flash back continuous).     

Everyone is in dinning hall for breakfasts 🍳 Sanskar is sitting near Sujata her mom Annapurana  is serving.——— —breakfast is served Swara also join the table and sits near Rajat and Sanskar ( sanskar is in Swara’s left and Rajat on right ).                                                

 ANNAPURNA notice that Rajat is not eating.! Annapurna- son Rajat why are you not eating its getting cold ?                                                    

 Swara noticed that it’s gobi ka paratha 🫓 for breakfast and gobi is the last thing Rajat likes in vegetable.                                                           

Rajat — ya actually aunty .                                  
Swara— actually ma Rajat hates gobi that’s y he is not eating.(right Rajat?).                              
Rajat — ya .                                                                
Annapurna – oh son  I am really sorry we should have asked you what you like or not it’s my mistake …..tell me what you like I will cook for you with in few mins .                          
Rajat — aunty please your like my mom please don’t say sorry ….to me .                          
Swara— yes ma you don’t worry Rajat likes toast and butter a lot so I will make it and bring it … you don’t worry and eat ma .        
Annapurna – nodes in yes and start her breakfast 🫓 .                                                            

Sujata who was sitting near Sanskar says…….. do she evens know what’s your favourite dish ? 😏(Sujata being Sujata) .                                    

 Sanskar— maa paratha are so delicious 🤤 like always and today they are tasting like heaven .                                                                      
Sujata – yes Didi today paratha are very delicious 🤤 and Sanskar favourite dish is gobi ka paratha 🫓.                                              
 Annapurna—- ya really actually today paratha are cooked     ( she was about say Swara………but Durga Prasad called Annapurna so she left ).                                          
Swara —- Rajat here your toasts .                              
Rajat — thanks darrrr( he was about say darling but he noticed how Sujata was looking at him so he stopped ) and said thanks Swara .
                                                            Swara  noticed that how Sanskar was enjoying the paratha 🫓 ans she felt so much relieved and happy both at same time ( Swara knows what Sanskar likes or dislikes as they started there marriage on friendship).              

Swara – sanskar do you want more paratha ??  
Sanskar — looking at Swara ( no I am full thanks )                                                                        
Swara— sanskar do you liked ( she wanted ask that if he liked it or not but that point Durga Prasad enters ).                                          
DP- I want to  tell that today we have business party …….so Every one has to be present ……it’s very important deal for our company and for that everyone should present.  

Ragini and Laksh are on there honeymoon guyzz they marriage was love marriage .                
{Guys Ragini and laksh part in flash back will be less . }.                      
Everyone nodes in yes and Swara couldn’t ask about the paratha 🫓.                                      

 Scene shifted to Swasan room.                              
Sanskar was doing his work in laptop and swara was searching for a dress to wear in evening party … swara asked Sanskar .            
Swara— sanskar which one is better showing Sanskar two different dress .                                  
Sanskar— red one ( because it’s look pretty on you )                                                                      

Swara felt happy inside how Sanskar said that it’s look beautiful on u part … her heart flattered  ❤️                      
With happiness.          

Swara was walking towards the bed to get her hair clip ….and she suddenly slipped due to Sanskar tall legs…..but Sanskar hold Swara before that and pulled her towards him and both landed on bed Sanskar was down and swara on his chest ………both were just mesmerised lost  into each other     Eyes.        
Swara and sanskar heart were racing so fast …there breath were mixing into each other breath ……..and ( for very first time Swara felt so comfortable and happy and she wants the time to stop type feeling )……Sanskar already realised that he loves Swara .                                  
Sanskar — Swara I wanted to tell you something ………….actually Swara I actually I
Swara – I what Sanskar ??                                    
 Sanskar – I lovvv(and Sanskar phone rings )   Both snapped out of the situation                          
Swara felt awkward and shy so she left            

Out side the room.                                                   ( Swara to herself )                                          
What is happening to me why my heart was beating so fast ?? Why I can’t remove my eyes from Sanskar eyes 👀?????? Why it’s make feel so happy ( do I ) no no he my good friend plus I even don’t know if he evens like me …… but the way he cares for me ( also Swara care I takes cares if everyone in the same way swara) while Swara was thing all this a voice comes from her right side ( you are in love love love love you are in live love love ❤️ swaea darling )                                                            
Swara — shut up Rajat …….don’t u start okay   Rajat —- oh madam you are the one who is day dreaming about his husband.                    
Rajat —- vesa you will be the first who is day dreaming about his husband …. Normally day dreaming are for lovers you can’t get but he is your husband just go and tell him u love him.    
Swara — oh really now you know my feeling better thn me just shut up you dumbooo I don’t love Sanskar he my friend …….                  
Rajat- oh really  …. (In  teasing way ya ya I know I am your first love )                                    
Swara —- ya you can say that ( Swara also in teasing way ).                                                              
But sanskar heard that all part were Swara start saying that she don’t love Sanskar ).          He felt bad .                                                            

It’s evening and everybody is getting ready for the party Swara came out of the washroom wearing that red dress Sanskar selected …………she was alone that type in the room she in her mind .                                                    
Swara not bad mr Sanskar your choice is also not bad and she blush not knowing she is blushing 😊.                                                          
 Sanskar enters …….. and was aww stuck looking at Swara in that red dress …..he was just mesmerised and was not able remove his eyes to other direction ……….Sanskar Inside his mind ……  someone can  look so beautiful 😻 like and angke she is looking .    
Swara — sanskar sanskar  where are you lost?
Sanskar— in you ( yes he said that a load ).    
Swara — what ???????                                              
Sanskar —- nothing you are looking stunning Swara — while blushing thanks .                            

To be continued               

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