Sangani (SwaSan FF) Love and Hate (Episode 4)

episode 4

flash back one year and 1 month ago .

 “guyzz as you all  know  what happed in original serial when swara interrogate sanskar about ragini kidnaping how sanskar felt bad about swara don’t trust her as he does”

its same situation going here just bit change in ragini place we have rajat swara brother who is not actully swara real brother …………………swara see him as a brother .
swara know rajat from her college………………life that is from first year of her college .
guyzz swara and sanskar marrige was arrange not love ……and sanskar was not aware of swara friendship with rajat  when they were getting married .so
at first swara only use to see sanskar as a friend and sanskar at first use to feel nothing for swara but slowly…… time passed he started to fell for swaea sweet nature her bubbly nature ,her efforts towards his family how she use to take care of every one and how she use to take of sanskar so he fell in love with swara …….so one day he decided to tell swara about his feeling …………………….and at very time rajat came to swara house the maheshwari mansion to meet her .

scene starts

rajat –swara my darling swara were are you bestiii where are you ???

badi maa— excuse me who are and how you entered in our house .

rajat–aunty hello i am rajat kotak swara’s friend ………where is she ? this swara house right .

sujata — yes this is swara house but she never told us about you ……..we all meet swara friend in marriage………….you were not there i cant recall you /

sanskar came down due to all noise .

sanskar–hello who are you??

rajat looked at sanskar for few min and shouted .

rajat– hey bro you are sanskar right and hugged sanskar


guyzz rajat is a very mordern and friendly guy and he came back from spain one day ago his family shifted there after his master in Kolkata were swara and he meet .


sanskar– ya i am sanskar ….but who are you ??

rajat you{a voice come from the background that was swara}

rajat — ya there you are my draling … and ran few steps  and hugged swara .

swara  also hugged her back.

guyzz sujata is very conservative women plus she was against swara and sanskar marriage at first because swara was very bubbly and modern girl ,she always use too wear dress ,pants,tops etc ……………………but ram sansakar dad and swara dad were good childhood friends  before dieing swara dad took a promise from ram that sanskar and swara should get married as sanskar is a good person and swara will be always happy …….swara dad died due to tumor when swara was in 12th ………..due to which sujata has to agree because she cant  go against her husband .

sujata didi see how she is hugging a other man like he is her husband .

annapurna to sujata –chut up sujata she is your daughter in law .

sanskar also heard what sujata said …….sanskar to swara .

sanskar — swara introduce us who is he ??

swara– yes yes sorry i forget ……dis is rajat kotak my college friend

rajat – friend?????

swara– actually best friend more like brother .

rajat introduce every one

scene shifted

sanskar room

today when swara will enter i will tell how i feel about her .

swara enter  — sanskar you know i am very happy  toady after so long i am so happy and she started to talk about rajat and rajat how theu meet hoe they use to do things etc in all dis sanskar was not not able to say what he wanted  to say .

and yes rajat will stay few days he said no but i only forced him to stay ….. is that okay sanskar?

sanskar — yes swara  you dont have to ask me your friend is mine friend too .

both smiled to each other .


next morning

swara was getting ready in washroom she was almost ready just her blouse dori was open she was trying to tie it up ………..when rajat in search of swara enter the room swara he calls for her .

swara — yes rajat wait coming ……swara ties the blouse dori but it was not secure it was lose ……as  swara came out she said goodmorning to rajat

rajat– gm darling you look stunning in sari ….all housewife vibe is coming from you ….not bad swara he teases her

swara– shut up what you want ?? she puts sindoor and ornaments.

rajat — aree its little weird to go down without you and i came to meet you .

swara — okay oaky lets go mr drama

as they were living rajat noticed swara dori was about to open .

rajat swara wait wait he started to tie her dori ………

swara — rajat i can do it .

rajat — its okay swara  dont be so shy and all okay

he was tieing and at the very point sanskar enters ……… he saw the rajat hands on swara bacl on her blouse .

swara — hesitate and felt awkward she say oaky rajat i will do it and she was about to trun and she stepped on  her sari pelts and was about to  fall

sanskar was about to hold her but rajat hold swara first and sujata also entered and saw that scene ……..and what is going on here ??

sanskar felt very bad first he saw both in that dori thing and now dis he knows that its just for help but he was jealous ….and pulled swara towards her .

swara — sorry rajat are u okay //

rajat — yes i am okay .

swara to sujata explain the situation .

sujata — okay lets go for break fast .

sujata to swara when sanskar and rajat left

listen swara boys mans we cant stop but as a women you should be in ur limits as you are married now ….. how he was able to enter your room at first place???

swara– was going to explain


listen i dont want here your excuse next time KEEP THIS IN YOUR MIND


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