Sangani (SwaSan FF) Love and Hate (Episode 2 and 3)

⇒hello guyzzz my episode 2 and episode 3 were not published because of some hindi words ….so I am going to write episode 2 and 3 again but will be together .                                    

So.                                                                                Episode  – 2 and 3 combined.                                  

 Swara to laksh- you don’t have to plead in front of some one how don’t cares laksh.        
Sanskar- how you dare to come here Swara when you left you said you will never show you face than what happened?                          
Swara— yes I said I will never come here till you don’t come to take me but I gusse you will never trust me so no use to explain you .and I am here because of Ragini my BFF not you .  
 (Swara you came a sound comes from back ground it was Ragini coming down the stairs).
Swara and sanskar stopped fighting as Ragini health was not well 🤧

other side ….                                                            
Every one were just happy to see Swara in front of them after almost 1 year …Swara first take blessing from every one than hug Ragini Annapurna—-beta ragini you are 🤧 well you health is weak y you came down                        
Ragini — maa I heard the sound of Swara talking so I couldn’t  resist and ma I have to my medicine and water jug was empty.          
Annapurna—— oh ya I completely forgot that’s it’s time for your medicine and you have to eat first wait I will make something to eat for both of you Swara plz take Ragini to her room.              
Swara – nods her head in yes and both left .    
Laksh- sanskar we know what happened in past and you don’t want to see Swara but bro right now Ragini needs her plz don’t say anything wrong that can tressed Ragini and leaves .    
                                                                 Sanskar – y y y you came back y 🥺.                  

Ragini rooms.                                                        
Ragini- Swara what is dis y were you not answering my calls …..I was so worried plus you never do dis specially when my health is not well ………I don’t remember anything about you trip to Mumbai y?                              
Guyzzzz rangini only remember the good times when Swara and she use live happily can’t recall the last one year .                              

Swara— Ragini it’s was all sudden it was not planned plus y I left your were all well and you were sleeping suddenly how you can be so careless and  slip from the stairs…..????🤨ragini—that’s not fair you can’t sold me I am sick right now and make puppy face and both Ragini and Swara start laughing…….Swara also have some tears in her eyes ( because she meet her BFF after so long and was laughing again with her )                                                      
Ragini – Aree y are you crying I’m all okay see ……and you are also here now I am double okay (suddenly Ragini noticed that Swara was not wearing her mangalsutra and sindoor. ) Aree Swara where is your mangalsutra ???? You never put it down ?? ??
swara — Swara hands automatically reaches her neck and she felt that emptiness like something was not there like some part of her soul of not there .        
                                          Ragini – tell na Swara .?                                          
Swara- actually Ragini I was in hurry na when I was leaving to come  here so I forgot to where it ….nothing is more important than BFF you know that.  
                                            Ragini and Swara hug each other and start to chit chat 💬.                                                                
 Annapurna- Ragini it’s time for your dinner and meds let’s eat first than chatting okay 👌🏻
Swara- ma give it to me I will feed her both food and meds .                                                        
Annapurna -okay  I will go than I have some work in kitchen .                                                    

Swara feeds Ragini food and meds and pats on her head so she can sleep 😴 now Ragini is all asleep 😴.                                                      

Out side room Swara meet Sujata my daughter my sweet girl you become so slim and hug her .                                                          
Swara – mom I am fine! how are you he’s your health mom ?                                                
Sujata – I am fine I only want that sanskar and your relationship come on track again I want you both happy I know both of you can’t live without each other .                    
                  Swara— mom leave it … you know I tried to explain so so many times but all failed sanskar has turned all blind to me just leave it mom ….. I will go and get fresh mom ( Swara start walking towards guest room ).  
Annapurna- Swara where are you going ????
Swara —- ma guest room for changing!            
 Annapurna— Swara guest room is under renovation you can’t stay there and you have your room beta ….. I have told to kept your suitcase in your room in your and sanskar room .      
                                                                Sujata – yes my sweet girl that’s your room too and Ragini will see you in guest room she will doubt and her health can effect.    
              Swara – ya mom okay thn I will go and change .                                                                    

Swara was standing in front of  her room and so many memories were coming in front of her eyes there friend ship there love for each other every single time she and sanskar  has spenders together.                                                
  A flash back comes in Swara mind which actually happed in front of the room door        
FLASH BACK                                                          
 Swara – Sanskar I really love you trust me plz stop me Sankar plz stop me leaving dis house Sanskar stop me I love u .                                    
 Flash back ends                                                      

 Swara to herself – Swara you are here just for Ragini so not let anything come in ur mind and she opens the room not aware of that Sanskar was also going to open the door at same time ………………………………………… Sanskar opens the door first swara slipped due to not able to catch the handle of the 🚪.  
Swara—- aaa aaaa shouts and about to fall.    
  And she kept her hands on her face so she can’t herself getting injured 🤕 😅that’s swara but after few secs she felt a warm arms of some she love was holding her ( yes it is Sanskar )  she can forget everything not Sanskar touch she opens her eyes slowly.        
Swara —- sweetly says ( Sanskar).                      

Song plays                                                          
Tu jo mila toh yun hua

Ho gayi poori adhoori si duaa

Tu jo gaya, toh le gaya sang tere

Mere jeene ki har wajah

Swara and sanskar looking into each other eyes

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye

Paaye mujhe hi paaye

Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara

Episode ends.

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