Sailesh Gulabani on Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain going off-air; says, “An actor can prepare himself better if he is informed in advance about a show wrapping up”

The news about Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain (IMSJH) going off-air has came as a shock for not just the audience by also to the cast of the show. Launched in December the show featured Akshita Mudgal and Hitesh Bharadwaj in the lead roles. THe show is now slated to go off-air on April 20.

Sailesh Gulabani, who was essaying the role of Pramod Pathak in the show talked about it in an interview and shared, “I was approached for another show in between. The character was promising, so I met the makers of Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain to ask them about the future of the show. They assured me that it would not end anytime soon. However, on April 9, in between two scenes, a spot boy told me that the shoot of the show was wrapping up in a couple of days. It also turned out to be my last day on the set. It was shocking. I have given so much to the show and my character, but it is ending abruptly.”

Sailesh is also disappointed about being the last person to be informed about it. He said, “The channel and the production house should inform the actor about these developments so that they can take up other work. It’s not an unrealistic expectation. Actors are the most insecure lot. Every time a show ends, we have to go through the drill of waiting sometimes endlessly, hunting for new work, and then waiting for 90 days to get our first payment. I told the makers that they could have informed me in advance. I could have taken up another show and joined it 15 days later. The way we work is disappointing and it is unfortunate that no one takes a stand.”

He added, “We fight many battles. If a character doesn’t strike a chord with the audience, the one playing the part is shown the door without even giving him time to establish himself. Actors shouldn’t be shortchanged. First, the contracts we sign are one-sided. If an actor wants to leave a show, he has to serve a two-month notice. But the makers can replace him overnight without any substantial reason. If an actor is informed in advance about a show wrapping up, he can prepare himself better.”

Sailesh learnt about IMSJH going off-air, four days before his birthday. Talking about it he said, “I didn’t celebrate my birthday the way I would have ideally liked. But one can’t let bad news affect you for long. I will wait and I am sure that I will get something bigger and better. Fingers crossed!”

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