Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Throws Birthday Party For Surya

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya’s sleep gets disturbed hearing alarm clock. He notice Gehna message to wake up soon today for a surprise on the table. He then notices a birthday card for him. HGehna walks in and performs his aarti, wishes him happy birthday, and gifts him Krishnaji’s idol. She says she is Krishnaji’s devotee and he will feel protected. Daadi walks in and asks him to take even her wishes. He touches her feet. She blesses him and says he got Gehna as his biggest gift so far. Gehna asks him to get ready and come down for a special breakfast.

Gehna serves breakfast. Suhani scolds her for making so much food and asks if its for hr sister. Surya gets sad knowing his mother doesn’t remember his birthday. Suhani warns Gehna to finish all the food if she has prepared it. Swara asks Gehna to sit and serves breakfast to Surya going closer to him and insists him to have sweet. Surya walks away angirly saying he doesn’t want to have sweets. Kanak tells Suhani that Swara is eyeing on Surya now. Suhani says when she is taking money, she should execute her plan and make sure Swara is out of house. Gehna scolds Swara for joking with Surya and asks her to have food. Swara says she doesn’t want to and walks away.

Gehna says she is surprised that Suhani doesn’t remember Surya’s birthday. Daadi says she never wished birthday to Surya, Surya always forgets his birthday. Gehna says she will organize a birthday party for Gehna tonight. She offers lunch box to Surya and says his mother must have planned a surprise party for him tonight, so she didn’t wish him happy birthday yet. He gets happy hearing that and leaves for work. Daadi walks in and asks why did she tell Surya that Suhani is planning a party. Gehna says Surya will know his mother true face tonight. Daadi likes her idea. Swara hears their conversation and asks what kind of party. Daadi says its a party just to chill. Swara thinks she will enjoy with Surya.

Swara then informs Suhani that Gehna and Daadi are planning a party tonight. Suhani leaves angrily. Suhani says she will lure Surya tonight and picks her party dress. In the evening, Surya returns home and is surprised to see everyone wishing him. He asks where is mom who organized such a nice party and walks towards her room calling her. Swara walks down and asks how is she looking. He ignores her. She holds him and asking DJ to play DJ Wale Babu Mera Gana Chalade.. song dances with Surya. Kanak thinks Gehna brought it on herself. Gehna asks DJ to change the song and walks towards Surya. Surya pushes Swara aside and holding Gehna dances with her on serial’s title track.

Suhani returns and seeing party angrily shouts at Gehna that she shouldn’t forget that she is a servant of this house and asks if its her father’s money that she threw a lavish party as if its someone’s birthday. She says she remembers its not Sikandar’s birthday today. Gehna says she is blind behind Sikandar that she forgot that she has 2 other children and it can be her other son’s party. Suhani starts her acting and says since Sikandar went to jail, she forgets everything, but she loves even Surya. Gehna says she would have blessed Surya then. Surya walks away from there.

Gehna then takes cake to Surya’s room and makes him cut cake singing happy birthday song for him. Daadi joins him. Surya tries to feed cake to her when Swara snatches it and feeds it to Surya and smears cake on his face. Gehna recalls Swara trapping Pankaj earlier and scolds her to stop joking with Surya. Swara says she will remove the cake from Surya’s face if he doesn’t like it. Surya stops her and smears cake on Gehna’s face, looking into her eyes.

Precap: Gehna overhears Suhani’s conversation that Gehna and Surya are getting on her nerves, why would she celebrate Surya’s birthday when he is not her son, his papa picked Surya from a street. She gets tensed seeing Gehna.

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