Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swara Strikes A Deal With Suhani

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna ties Pakhi. Pakhi pleads to free her. Gehna walks away saying its not safe for her to go in front of Swara. Suhani promises to give money to Swara once Sikandar is out of jail and strikes a deal with her. Gehna watches them hiding. Swara notices her via car mirror, slaps Suhani, and acts as confronting her for troubling her sister. She walks to Gehna and apologizes her for her mistakes andsays she will stay with her and protect her from Suhani’s conspiracies. Surya says Swara can stay with her sister. Suhani acts as getting angry walks inside home. Swara thanks Gehna and hugs. Gehna emotionally says she feels happy hugging a dear one. Swara thinks Gehna is still a fool and hasn’t changed a bit. Gehna takes her in to show her house.

Swara laughs seeing Kanak tied to a pillar and taunts her if her Panky remembers her. Gehna stops her and asks her to go and freshen up and have food. Kanak continues pleading to free her. After sometime, Gehna takes Swara to dining hall and introduces her to Daadi and Sarika and says she will stay with them for a few days. Daadi and Sarika greet her. Gehna serves Swara’s favorite food. Kanak asks Suhani to get Swara out of here. Suhani says Surya has let her stay here. Surya joins them. Daadi says he did good by letting Swara stay here. Kanak yells she has to have food with a priosner. Kanak taunts her to leave this house then and asks if Panky kicked her out, she can be a maid here. Gehna asks Swara about maa. Swara says maa is still angry on her and says she will not forgive her until Gehna forgives her. Gehna says there is no question of forgiveness between them. Surya walks away fuming. Swara thinks how did this handsome boy fell in Gehna’s love.

Suhani walks behind Surya and asks him to relax as Swara will not open her mouth and just needs money. Surya asks howmuch she loves him and says he is lucky that his mother loves her and he has a loving family, but feels bad seeing Gehna’s condition; a sister whom Gehna loves immensely and prepared food for her hates her. Suhani asks why is he worried for Gehna. Surya says why shouldn’t he, how can her own sister hate her so much. He lies on Suhani’s lap and says he is fortunate to have such a loving and caring family and says he has decided to reveal all the secrets between family and goes to get a file. Kanak signals Suhani and takes her away.

Surya thinks he will give Praful’s signed papers to Suhani. He gets a calls and walks away keeping the file on the table. Gehna walks in to clean the floor and switches on fan. Papers fly away and fall down on the floor. Gehna picks them and notices mortgage deed. Surya returns and snatches papers form her and its none of her business, so she shouldn’t bother. She says they are mortgage papers, if someone’s property is mortgaged, if he is in trouble. She warns him to mind her own business. She says she is minding her own business, she is his wife and showing her concern for him, she is always ready to help him, but if he doesn’t want to take her help, he can take Bapuji’s help and he will never disappoint him. Surya says whatever she is thinking is wrong and asks her to get back to her work.

Kanak takes Suhani to her room and shows her fool written on the mirror. Suhani gets angry. Kanak says she did wrong by bringing Swara here who is a husband snatcher, she can’t tolerate her here. Suhani says Swara is blackmailing her as she knows her secret. Kanak says she will kick Swara out of house without her revealing any secret for half of the money Suhani promised to Gehna. Suhani agrees and says she just needs Sikandar out of jail.

Swara asks Gehna why she and Surya sleep separately. Gehna says Surya loves her immensely and they are living separately due to some Panditji’s ritual. Swara thinks Surya walks to get her out of this house. Surya walks in and asks Gehna to give his clothes. Swara flirts with him. Gehna says she is joking and asks her to stop. Swara holds Surya and says she is his SIL and has right on him. Gehna warns her to maintain a distance. Surya leaves. Swara acts that Gehna didn’t forgive her yet. Gehna says Surya is of reserved nature, she didn’t want to hurt her. Swara thinks she will grab Surya from Gehna soon.

Precap: Gehna determines to expose Suhani’s truth and end her differences with Surya.

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