Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Gets Injured While Performing Hard Penance For Surya’s Well-Being

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna questions Surya about his plan as she knows he didn’t marry her to just to make her a maid and warns him to stay away from her family. Bapuji slips from staircase. Surya holds him and asks if he is fine. Gehna notices that and this its his action. Chetan brings Guruji. Everyone greets him. Baa tells him that her daamad/SIL is having troubles. Guruji suggests Gehna to climb temple stairs on her knees and perform god’s parikrama to ward off troubles on her husband. Gehna agrees. Baa says Gehna is pregnant and requests him to give some other solution. Gurujji says Gehna can perform her husband’s pooja abhishek. Paresh says that is a good idea. Guruji says he will make arrangements for pooja then.

Gehna performs Surya’s abhishek as per guruji’s instructions. Chetan tells Pankaj that pooja is fine, but Bapuji cannot mortgage their house for Surya. Pankaj says he is right, he will talk to Bapuji after pooja. Afer pooja, Surya goes for a bathe. Gehna notices Suhani’s call on Surya’s phone and disconnects it. Chetan and Pankaj confront Bapuji for mortgaging the house for Suyra. Pankaj says helping SIL is not wrong and says Surya promised to repay the loan in 15 days and get the house released back. They ask what if Surya fails in his promise. Bapuji says he trusts Surya and warns them not to inform Gehna about the house mortgage.

Surya gets out of bathroom and taunts Gehna. Gehna ingores him and walks way. Suhani angrily throws her phone on bed when Surya doesn’t respond. Kanak informs her that Gehna is trying to lure Surya again with pooja abhishek and shows video. Surya wakes up at midnight and notices Gehna missing. He walks out of house searching her and finds her climbing temple stairs on her knees and performing parikrama. Gehna thinks family thinks she cannot perform parikrama as she is pregnant, but she knows she is not pregnant and hence can do anything for Surya. Pandit tells her that he is seeing someone performing this hard mannat/penance after many years, who is the lucky person for whom she is performing this mannat. Gehna says for her husband. Pandit prays to fulfill her prayers.

Surya notices Gehna’s blood stains on stairs. He walks to Gehna and says there is no one here to show off, why is she doing it then. Gehna expresses her love for him and collapses saying I love you. Panditji says he is lucky to have such a good wife. Surya gets concerned for Gehna, lifts her, and takes her home. He then applies medicine on her knee injuries. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Gehna wakes up. Suhani walks in to Desai house acting as worried for Surya. Baa and Bapuji asks her to calm down as Surya is fine and resting in a room. Surya walks to her and asks what is she doing here. Suhani says she brought ambulance for him, will get him treated via best doctor and not let anything happen to him. She hugs Surya and smirks at Gehna.

Back to Seth house, Surya tells Suhani that she shouldn’t have come there with ambulance. She asks if he finished his work. He says yes, she should have called him before coming there. She says she called him 50 minutes at least, but he didn’t pick her call. He says he didn’t get any notification and shows his mobile. Gehna smirks hearing their conversation and recalls deleting notification. She knock door. Suhani angrily asks why did she come here. Gehna says she came to take blanket for Daadi and climbs a chair to get blanket over cupboard. Surya supports her and says he will give blanket to Daadi and sends her out. Surya tells Suhani that he got property papers and needs to wait for 15 days to get the money.

Precap: Gehna slips and drops prasad by mistake.
Kanak informs Suhani and creates a scene. Suhani decides to punish Gehna for her mistake.

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