Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna recalls Suhani’s threat and gets worried about her family. She asks Dadi that what if Surya does something to her family. Meanwhile, Praful apologizes to Surya and tells him that he could arrange 2 crore only. Surya thanks him. He says that he got trapped and he don’t know any way to arrange money. Praful asks him to try to talk to investors. He notices Gehna’s call and he informs about it to Surya. Surya tells him that Gehna is pregnant and he don’t want her to know about this problem. Praful picks Gehna’s call and asks her that if she is taking care of herself or not. She asks him that how is he doing and it’s them who hides things from her. He tells her that everyone is fine.

Jamuna asks Surya to have breakfast. Gehna hears that and asks Praful that if Surya is there. Praful lies to her. She calls Surya from Dadi’s phone and confirms that Surya is there. She tells Dadi that Surya is in Desai house. Dadi asks her to visit Desai house and she trips and hits her head on stair. She loses her consciousness. Gehna asks her to open her eyes. She calls Suhani and Kanak for help. They comes there but denies to call the Doctor. After some time, Gehna apologizes to Dadi. But Dadi asks her to leave for Surat.

Surya takes Praful and Jamuna’s blessings outside Desai house. Few people comes there and claims themselves as bank staffs and beat Surya up. Praful and Jamuna pleads them to not beat Surya up. Praful tells them that he will return the money. Surya asks them to not create drama and leave because it’s not like he can sell this house. They beat him up again. Jamuna asks Praful to do something. They tells Praful that they wants money tomorrow and leaves from there.

Later, Lawyer tells Praful that they can mortgage the house. Praful signs on the papers. Gehna asks God to save her family and reaches the Desai house. Surya tells Praful that the latter is like father to him. Praful tells him that he can do anything for Gehna’s happiness. Meanwhile, Suhani hurts Dadi and asks her that where is Gehna. But Dadi denies to say. Kanak asks Suhani to not waste her on Dadi. She informs her that Gehna left for Surat.

Gehna barge into Desai house and asks Desais that where is Surya. Surya tells Gehna that this is his house too so he can visit whenever he wants to. She notices his injury and asks him about it. He lies to her that he met with an accident. Jamuna asks Gehna to stop questioning. Surya tells Gehna that she should not travel alone during pregnancy and hugs her. Gehna wonders that what is he planning to do. He thinks that he have Desai house papers.

Episode ends.

Precap: Priest tells the solution to Desais to get rid of all the problems.

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