Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhay Returns To Trouble Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna rushes to doctor’s cabin and requests him not to perform Surya’s operation as the reports are fake and Surya doesn’t have renal failure. Doctor turns around, and Gehna is shocked to see Abhay and asks what is he doing here. He says he was released from rehab for his good behavior, life brought him back to her. He threatens to perform Surya’s operation which would be unsuccessful. Gehna says she will not let him perform Surya’s surgery. He says she will do anything only if she gets out of here and throws a plastic skull on her head. She collapses. He locks the room and walks away saying see you after the operation baby.

Abhay visits Surya and Suhani and says he will perform their surgery. Surya requests to keep his mother safe. Abhay says nothing will happen to mothers. Daada and Daadi wait for Gehna and discuss that she had gone to meet a doctor. They notice operation starting. Gehna wakes up and knocks door. Abhay prepares for operation. Suhani says she spoke to him and asked not to perform her surgery. He asks her to relax. Nurse notices Gehna and opens door. Gehna runs towards OT and stops Abhay when is about to give an anesthetic to Surya. Assistants stop her. She pushes them and Abhay away and reveals Surya that he doesn’t need surgery as all the reports are fake and she just wanted to expose Suhani. Suhani says Gehna is wrongly alleging her.

Abhay starts his drama and alleges Gehna that she trapped him earlier in her love and then sent him to jail befriending Anant again, he is sure she is conspiring against Surya now. Gehna tells Surya that Suhani with Abhay’s help is conspiring against him. He points a scalpel at her neck and warns her that he would have killed her if something had happened to his mother. Suhani acts as calming him down and takes him away. Gehna starts crying. Daada and Daadi console her.

Back home, Surya washes Suhani’s feet. Daada surprised asks what is he doing. Surya says god made a mother as he can’t be everywhere, but a few people don’t value a mother as the are orphans. Suhani rudely asks Gehna to pass on the towel. Gehna does crying.
Surya wipes Suhani’s feet. After some time, Gehna mops floor. Suhani walks to her and reveals that Kanak sent Abhay to fail Gehna’s plan and Gehna blurted out truth making Surya hate her more. She throws a begging plate in front of Gehna and asks her to beg money from hereon. Gehna challenges that once she exposes her truth to Surya, she will not get a plate to beg for Surya’s forgiveness.

Suhani acts as crying and tells Surya that Gehna is very dangerous and may harm them, so they should use her and get Sikandar out and kick her out of their lives. Surya says she is right, its time to get Sikandar out of jail. He calls Bapuji and says he had invested investor’s money in his new business which he started in Gehna and baby’s name, now all his accounts are freezed due to Sikandar being in jail and all investors want their money back. Bapuji asks him how much money he needs. Surya says 9 crores. Bapuji gets tensed and assures they will meet and do something. Surya says he will return his money soon and asks him not to inform Gehna about it. He determines to turn Gehna’s mangalsutra into her hanging rope.

Gehna is still mopping the floor when Suhani steps on the wet floor and calls tailor master to take Gehna’s measurement. Gehna is stunned to see jail clothes. Suhani asks master to make 2 dresses as Gehna will be in the jail soon. Gehna says one who has to be in jail is already present in jail, Sikandar. Suhani says same jail is in Gehna’s fate, she doesn’t know that she and her family will be in a mess soon. Gehna gets worried.

Precap: Surya stages attack on him to grab money from Baa and Bapuji. They call meet an agent to sell their house who says they will get 7 crores for their house and he will take 15% fees. Gehna searches someone.

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