Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Surya Saves Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swara enjoys fruits and juice with Kanak and tells her that she is having a royal feeling without Gehna and Suhani’s presence. Her goons walk in. She asks if they finished Gehna. They nod yes and demand their payment. She asks them to get the proof first. Kanak panics hearing that and prays god for Gehna’s soul rest in peace. Goons recall Gehna escaping and think they will have find her dead or alive to get their payment.

Surya searches Gehna in jungle recalling Daadi confronting him for his mistake. He further recalls inspector telling that Gehna saved Suhani and got the culprits arrested. He prays god to help him find Gehna. Gehna’s blood falls on his hand and he notices unconscious and injured Gehna hanging on the tree. He climbs tree, brings her down, and shaking her asks her to open her eyes. She opens eyes, smiles seeing him, and asks for water. He lifts her and takes her towards his car.

Sarika with Daadi meets Suhani in the hospital and shows her concern for Suhani. Daadi asks Suhani how is she feeling now. Suhani asks where is Surya. Daadi says where Gehna is, reminds her that Gehna saved her life, and suggests her to mend her ways and fix her relationship with her son. Suhani calls someone.

Surya feeds water to Gehna. Goons return to jungle to kill Gehna. Surya asks who are they and what they need. Goon asks him to leave as they took supari to kill Gehna. Surya says Gehna is his life and if they even touch her, he will trash them brutally. Goons attack him and he brutally trashes them. They run away. Surya asks Gehna if she is fine, who were they and why they wanted to kill him. She stands silent. He says let us go from here. She asks him to stop acting as he left him in jungle last night to die, if his love for her awoke again. Surya says only he has right to hurt her, only she can bail Sikandar out and he cannot let her die before that.

Suhani calls Sikandar to hospital and reveals how Gehna saved her life. Sikandar asks where are Gehna and Surya now. Suhani fears Surya will find out truth if police investigation happens and asks why got a raid on his rival goons’ dens. Sikandar presses her gunshot wound. She writhes in pain. He says he feels more pain than this being in jail and asks her to tell Surya to get him out of jail by pressing Anan’t murder charges on Gehna. He presses her wound again and orders her to find out Surya and Gehna soon and using emotional blackmail make Surya believe that only his mother and brother are right.

Gehna asks Surya not to blindly trust his mother and brother and find out truth via the goons. Surya says time will reveal who is wrong and who is right. Gehna says she is going and he should come to her once he finds out truth. They both walk in opposite directions .

Precap: Gehna surrenders herself to police and says she murdered Anant. Inspector says already the murderer is in jail. She picks gun and threatens inspector to arrest her.

Update Credit to: MA

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