Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swara Frames Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya enjoys a relaxing tub bath when Gehna enters his room. Gehna notices Jamuna’s call and tries to pick it when Surya snatches it. She asks why Jamuna is calling him. He says its none of her business and sends her away. He picks calls where Jumuna says it has been more than a week since he mortgaged their house and even kept property documents with him, Pankaj and Chetan are fighting with Praful for the property papers, so he should return property papers. Surya says once his bank accounts are defreezed in 2 days, he will repay the loan and return property papers. Jamuna asks him to take care of himself and Gehna and disconnects call. Surya smirks thinking Jamuna should be habituated to live on the streets soon.

Suhani praises Surya for getting Gehna’s family on road and says he should remember that only she is his dear one and he shouldn’t forget his mother and brother. Surya says he can stop breathing but not forget them and promises to destroy Gehna’s life. Suhani leaves. Gehna asks Surya why did Jamuna called him. He ignores her and invites Swara to show Mumbai’s night life. She happily agrees. He walks away holding her hand. Gehna thinks which new game he is playing now. She wants for Surya till late night and hearing his car sound opens door to find out Surya heavily inebriated and Swara helping him walk. She tries to help Surya, but Surya warns her to stay away from him. He pushes even Swara away and tries to walk himself but wobbles. Gehna tries to hold him. Swara pushes her away and says she will handle Surya. Gehna stands stunned noticing it.

Swara makes Surya lie on bed and tries to get intimate with him. Gehna pulls her away and asks her to leave as she is there to take care of Surya. Swara walks away frustrated. Surya blabbers that Swara is right that Gehna’s nature is to betray people and play with their emotions. Gehna walks to Swara and asks what game is she playing. Swara asks what does she mean. Gehna slaps her. Swara angrily shouts what does she think of herself. Gehna says she is Surya’s wife and warns her to stay away from Surya. Swara says what is her fault if Surya pays more attention towards her and says she will marry Surya if he wishes to. Gehna reminds her that Surya is her sister’s husband. Swara says its her mistake and she should bear it. Gehna says she will correct her mistake by kicking her out of house. Swara accepts challenge.

Next morning, Gehna throws Swara’s bag out and drags her out. Surya asks what is happening. Swara asks him to save her from Gehna as she wants to kick her out of house. Gehna asks Swara to get out of her house. Surya says its his house and she is just a servant, he didn’t give servant a power to decide. Gehna says Swara is her sister and its her wish to kick her out of house. Surya stops her and says its his house and his decision to let Swara stay here. Swara taunts Gehna that she lost her first husband to death and second husband to her sister. Gehna says Surya will never fall for her. Swara challenges her that she will make Surya hers tonight, she can stop her if she can.

After sometime, Swara hears Gehna informing someone over phone that Surya is at Minus Point Cafe and reaches cafe to meet Surya. Gehna walks in and asks if she felt a shock, Surya is not here, not to worry as she came for her. Swara asks her to leave her alone. Gehna says it has been days since they spoke well and had food together, so she will order food for them. Swara thinks Gehna wants to keep her away from Surya, so she will trap Gehna in her own game. She steal a customer’s purse and keeps it in Gehna’s purse. Customer complains manager who checks everyone’s bags and finds purse in Gehna’s bag. Gehna denies allegations. Customer gets Gehna arrested. Swara taunts Gehna that she can enjoy in her sasural and I will enjoy with Surya.

Swara returns home and serves food to Surya and Suhani. Surya asks where is Gehna. She says she doesn’t know. Suhani asks if Gehna went to Praful. Surya says his aides are keeping an eye outside Praful’s house and will inform him if Gehna goes there. Swara spikes Surya’s tea and serves it to him. At police station, Gehna takes permission from inspector and calls Surya, but he doesn’t pick her call. She thinks who will bail her out now. Kanak enters and says she will get her entertainment and not bail. She takes permission from principal and video calls Swara who challenges Gehna and gets intimate with Surya. Gehna pleads her not to ruin her marriage and asks Surya to open his eyes. Surya imagines Gehna in Swara. Kanak snatches phone back. Gehna pleads her to stop Swara. Kanak says she can’t and says Swara snartched her husband. Gehna sits crying.

Precap: Gehna rushes to Surya’s room and shattters noticing Surya and Swara in compromising position.

Update Credit to: MA

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