Rishton Ka Manjha fame Kavita Banerjee talks about her Bengali New Year plans

Rishton Ka Manjha fame Kavita Banerjee is super excited or the Bengali New Year. The occasion is also an opportunity for her to have good food and relive childhood memories. The actress during a recent interview with ETimes TV talked about her childhood memories related to Bengali New Year and her Poila Baishakh plans for this year.

She said, “Poila Baishakh has always been very special. It is special to all Bengalis. The entire country is in a festive mood this time. Talking about childhood memories, I was born in Lucknow. In the later part of my life, my dad took a transfer to Kolkata as my paternal side lived there. I live in a joint family in Kolkata. Poila Baishakh has been big in our family as we all live together. We would wake up to the smell of luchi (poori), chholar daal and sweets in the morning. That would be our Poila Baishakh breakfast. We would play the entire day, wear new clothes, and have a grand lunch. In the evening, there’s something called ‘Haal khaata’. On this day, all the pending expenses are closed and a new copy is opened for the business. We would get invites from all the shops. We would get new calendars, and sweets from all the shops and would feed on them for weeks.”

She added, “This year, I will be in Mumbai on the Bengali new year. I have a group of Bengali friends here. We would all gather together. We will cook special dishes – Luchi, kosha chicken, doi macch, payesh, and other things. We will relive our childhood memories. I am a big foodie. So this day means a lot of good food for me.”

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