Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Diya is Pregnant with Arjun’s baby

Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Diya falls down after the gunshot, all rush to her and Arjun cries to keep her awake. The doctor checks Diya and she was not shot. The doctor says she panicked and fainted. Diya wakes up and asks what happened? Khush says no one was shot but Kavita ran away. Madhuri asks the doctor if Diya is fine? The doctor smiles and says Diya is pregnant. Arjun is going to be a father. All are happy to hear that. Madhuri says I am so happy today. Diya smiles. Niharika says we will have happiness in the house now. Arjun smiles at Diya.

Diya comes into the living room and finds it decorated. She calls out to the family but no one is there. She asks where is everyone? Arjun and others come there. They all dance with her. Madhuri says we will keep celebrating till the baby is here. Diya says why are we doing rituals from now only? Dadi says it’s a small pooja for the baby. Amitabh says I will set up the nursery for the baby. Dadi says I want a doll-like Diya. Arjun says why not a prince like me? Madhuri says Diya has filled our house with happiness. I am proud of her. Amitabh says Diya has seen bad times with us but she never left us. I was wrong about her. Diya asks Deepika and Love if they can bless her today together? Deepika nods and says congrats Diya. Love says I wish you and Arjun have a life of happiness. Niharika says I want a drama queen like me, congrats Diya. Khush wishes them too. Arjun says I will have a new partner to play badminton with. Madhuri makes Diya eat sweets. Amitabh says I am missing Diya’s parents but we couldn’t call them urgently. Arjun says I want to show you something. He brings new rackets and says it’s the first gift from me to the baby. Dadi says I want a baby girl and Diya will take care of her. Arjun says Diya will manage her life and play badminton again. We will share responsibilities and Diya’s career won’t suffer, I want Diya to keep playing. Dadi says if you both want to play then we have no issues. Diya says my baby will give me the strength to play and make my career. Amitabh says we will all take care of the baby. Arjun says yes, our family is with us. The pooja starts and all family members bless Diya and their baby. Diya says my life is a blessing with my family now.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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