Rain beauty RiKara SS Part 4

Part 4

Gauri:I have no mother and sister.They were my imagination.I have only a bed ridden Grand mother.I was sent to pretend as a faithful home nurse.

Omkara was shocked:Sent to pretend to be a faithful home nurse?

GAURI:Yes.I was sent as a home nurse by Rudra’s trustworthy cousin Dev to kill him.

Omkara was shocked:What are you saying?

GAURI:I know that you can’t believe it.But that’s the truth.Dev is pretending to be the only trustworthy cousin Rudra has.Actually he is the most cunning relative Rudra has.He wanted to kill Rudra with a sweet smile and get his wealth.


GAURI:I have worked in Dev’s Medical store.I need money to do my grand mother’s operation as she was the only person I have in this world.So when Dev compelled me to come here as a home nurse and kill Rudra I could’nt refuse it.

OMKARA:What?You came here to kill Rudra?

Gauri was very upset:Yes.

Omkara could’nt control his anger.He raised his hand to slap her.But he did’nt slap her.He could’nt do that to his rain beauty.But because of fear Gauri fainted…he held her.She fainted in his arms only…in her savior’s hands.

Omkara got scared as he had’nt expected it.He shook her:Gauri!
Within a few seconds she opened her eyes.
OMKARA:Gauri,are you ok?

GAURI:I am okay Omkara.
He was relieved from tension.
She moved away from his arms.

GAURI:Omkara…you saved me twice from drowning.Actually that was not an accident.I knew that if I was alive i would be compelled to do a cruel murder.So I decided to commit suicide.I jumped into the water to die.

Omkara was shocked:Gauri!
GAURI:Yes Omkara.But you did’nt let me die.So I had to come to kill Rudra. But I cannot kill anyone.
Omkara di’nt know how to react.

GAURI:Dev thought no one would suspect us if I give poison to Rudra.He pressurized me to poison Rudra.Yesterday I poisoned his milk.

Omkara was shocked:What?

GAURI:Luckily that glass fell down and broke.But I understood that I can never kill Rudra.He is such a nice friend of mine.Like a friend he advised me knowing that I lied to you about my feelings for Rudra.

Gauri was very upset.Omkara was really sad.His eyes got welled up with tears.

GAURI:I am sorry Omkara.I knew that if you come to know my real identity you will hate me.That’s hy I hid the truth and cooked up a lie to avoid your love.But Rudra understood that I was lying.Forgive me Omkara.I promise you that I will never harm Rudra.

OMKARA:Gauri…will you help me to get Dev punished?

GAURI:Yes Omkara.I will.

Omkara told everything to Rudra.Rudra was shocked.

RUDRA:Why did Dev do this?If he had asked me I would have transferred my money to his account.I trusted him that much.

Gauri told the truth at the court.

GAURI:Dev pressurized me to kill Rudra.He threatened me that if I don’t kill Rudra he will kill my grand mother.But I cannot kill him.I can’t kill an innocent man.So I decided to expose Dev.He is a wolf who has lamb’s skin.
Dev was shattered when the Judge declared that his life would be in the jail.

Dev was shattered when the Judge declared that his life would be in the jail

Dev was led to the dark cells of the prison by the Police men.Rudra stared at him.Dev could’nt face Rudra.

Gauri packed her bags to go back.

Omkara was upset.

Rudra:Omkara…if you are that upset,why don’t you stop her?

Omkara looked at Rudra.

RUDRA:Now you are weaker than me.That should’nt happen.

Omkara went to Gauri’s room.

Gauri was drying her wet hair.He was lost in her.


She turned back and looked at him.

OMKARA:You have decided to go back?

GAURI:Yes Omkara.I came here with a bad intention.But yours and Rudra’s friendship opened my eyes.

But still I don’t deserve to be here.Rudra will get a better home nurse.

OMKARA:But Rudra says that he will not get a better home nurse

OMKARA:But Rudra says that he will not get a better home nurse.Only if you are his home nurse he will get friendship from his home nurse.



Omkara grabbed her hand and took her to Rudra’s room.Rudra smiled.

RUDRA:Gauri,you are going back?

GAURI:Yes Rudra.I don’t deserve to be here.I…

RUDRA:You came to kill me.But you did’nt kill me.That itself shows that you are a true friend.Only you deserve to be here.

Gauri became very emotional.

RUDRA:If you go Omkara will cry continuously.Tell me how to stop his tears.That day when you rejected his love I don’t know how much he cried.

That day when you rejected  his love I don't know how much he cried

Gauri looked at Omkara emotionally.

OMKARA:Gauri,please continue to be Rudra’s home nurse.

RUDRA:Gauri may be thinking how long she can continue here as my home nurse

RUDRA:Gauri may be thinking how long she can continue here as my home nurse.Don’t be just a home nurse.Please continue to take care of me as my own sister.For me you are my sister Gauri.

Gauri became very emotional.

RUDRA:Gauri behen…I have the responsibility to settle down my sister.For you,I have found the best man you can ever get .My best friend Omkara.Won’t you accept him?

Gauri looked at Omkara emotionally.They both were in tears.

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