Rain beauty RiKara SS Part 1

Part 1

Omkara gave an advertisement in the news paper searching for a home nurse to look after Rudra.

Rudra:Till now no one has come.Everyone who came here to look after me left.Now no one is willing to come.

Rudra talked in a jovial way.

Omkara smiled:Wait…some one will come.

It was raining….

Omkara stood at the veranda with Rudra at the wheel chair.They were enjoying the beauty of the rain drops.

RUDRA:Omkara,do you feel like composing a lovely song on rain?


Suddenly his eyes fell on a lady who was walking towards them.

She was a simple pretty lady draped in an ordinary saree.Her big black bindi was very attractive and striking.Her hair strands fell on her face carelessly. She was completely drenched in the rain.In her wet saree her beautiful figure was noticeable.

Mazhaneer thullikal nin thanu neer muthukal

thanuvaay peythidum kanavaay thornnidum

ven shankhile laya gaandharvamaay

neeyente saarangiyil

Omkara and that lady were surprised o see each other.



Rudra:Who is she?

OMKARA:I have met her at beach and swimming pool.

She smiled:For him I am just a woman whom he has met at a few places.

She looked at Omkara and said:But for me he is my savior.

He saved my life twice when I drowned in the water.

Omkara smiled.

RUDRA:Wow!That’s nice.

OMKARA:Your name?

She:I am Gauri.

OMKARA:I am Omkara.

GAURI:Sir…I came here for the job of a home nurse.

They were surprised.

OMKARA:As a home nurse?I can’t believe it.First I met you somewhere.Now you reached here as a home nurse.What a coincidence!

She smiled.

OMKARA:Have you worked anywhere?

GAURI:Ya…I have worked in an old age home.As a home nurse it’s going to be the first experience.

OMKARA:Your family?

GAURI:I have a mother and a sister.Actually my mother was’nt happy about this job.She is scared whether I will be safe.But somehow I managed to get her permission.

RUDRA:Are you not scared?

GAURI:A little bit.But now I am not.Omkara Sir is someone who saved my life and I am sure that he can’t trouble me.

RUDRA:What about me?

She just smiled.

RUDRA:Since I can’t move you don’t have to be scared of me.Right?

Gauri was embarrassed

Gauri was embarrassed.

OMKARA:Whenever I see you, you are wet.

OMKARA:Whenever I see you, you are wet

Gauri smiled:Ya…I am fond of water.That’s why I was not worried about getting wet in the rain while coming here.

RUDRA:But since you are a home nurse you can’t fall sick as you have to take care of a patient like me.So go change your wet saree.

She smiled.

She went and changed her saree.She wore a yellow Salwar Kameez.

Rudra told Omkara:Gauri is really impressed with you.For her,you are her Savior.

Will it turn into love?

Rudra had a naughty smile on his face.Omkara was shy.

Omkara went away.While passing by he saw Gauri drying her wet hair with a towel.

Her eyes met his.Slowly she smiled.

He was lost in her sweet mesmerizing smile

He was lost in her sweet mesmerizing smile.

ithalidum naalathin then thulliyaay

kathiridum mohathin ponnolamaay


Gauri came back to the room.

RUDRA:By the way we need to test your capability.Only if we are satisfied we will appoint you.

Gauri’s face became dull.

RUDRA:Get me a coffee please.


Gauri made coffee for Rudra and Omkara.They tasted it.

OMKARA:Very nice.

Gauri was relieved.

RUDRA:Very nice coffee.

GAURI:Thank you Sir.

OMKARA:Stop calling us Sir.

RUDRA:Yes,if you call us sir we won’t appoint you.

She smiled:Ok Rudra and Omkara.

They smiled.

RUDRA:You are appointed Gauri.

Gauri was very happy.

GAURI:Thank you…thanks a lot.

Gauri took care of Rudra very well.She fed him food.She gave him medicines on time.Omkara did’nt have to worry about Rudra at all.He trusted her that much.Very soon Gauri became their good friend.

They went out..chatted together.Gauri’s way of relaxation and entertainment was making bubbles.

She entertained Rudra and Omkara by making wonderful bubbles.

Raamegham pol vin tharam pol

neeyenthe akale nilppoo

kaathare nin chundile

sandhyayil alinjidaam

viriyum chandralekhayenthino

kaathu ninnennorthu njaan


Gauri took them to the temple.The Idol of Goddess was decorated beautifully.But Omkara was lost in Gauri’s beauty.

Thoomanjile veyil naalam pol

nin kannilen chumbanam

thoovalaay pozhinjoree

aardramaam nilaakkulir

GAURI:Omkara,why are you looking at me?You pray

GAURI:Omkara,why are you looking at me?You pray.

Omkara was embarrassed:Sorry Gauri.I will pray.

Omkara closed his eyes and prayed.

anayum njaattuvelayenthino

oru maathra kaathennorthu njaan


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