Radha Mohan 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun leaves the house when Mohan is Acquitted from the case

Radha Mohan 7th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Mohan in anger questions who Radha and Pandit jee, he orders her to depart from his house and by no means come return. Radha is left shocked when he leaves in anger taking off his coat, Kantamwari maa stands behind Radha calling Dulari, she seems to Radha with anger in her eyes asking Dulari to convey the belongings of Radha, she explains the time of her bus is about to return so she should go away, Radha takes the identify of Mohan however Kantamwari questions what Mohan jee, she says that Radha first got here uninvited and is now even refusing to depart, she would have despatched her again when she brought on the Hawankun to finish, Radha is crying taking her belongings when Kantamwari shouts at her to depart, Radha slowly begins strolling in the direction of the door along with her belongings recalling when Mohan jee gave her the Geeta mentioning that it is going to be her information, she thinks how he mentioned he doesnot know any Radha ordering her to depart, she turns again to have a look at the household from exterior the door whereas the mom of Damini rushes to shut the door. Radha turns strolling whereas her eyes are crammed with tears, she is continuously weeping. Radha the identify of the house tries to say it however she is not in a position to utter even a single phrase, she leaves along with her belongings. Gungun enters the room thrashing the total room, she thinks how the court docket evicted Mohan from all the blames and even Radharani got here into the house, an individual comes mentioning he is aware of she is indignant as a result of the killer of her mom got here again to this house as he has some huge cash to allow them to by no means be wronged, he instigates her saying she should study to like the killer of her mom, Gungun exclaims that she is by no means going to just accept him as her household, he suggests she might run away from the house if she was slightly older however she is nonetheless younger so can not do it, he leaves with a grim asking her to study calling the killer of her mom father.
Mohan enters the room, he is shocked to see that his identify has been crossed from all the portraits, he goes to the picture exclaiming that her mom cruse has loads of impact as her mom cursed him and it was fulfilled simply as he got here again, he mentions that even the court docket evicted him however there is no listening to in the court docket of Gungun as a result of she doesnot even think about him as her father, she simply calls him as Mohan. He thinks of speaking along with her as a result of he’ll solely stay as her father. Gungun in her room is packing her belongings, she vows to not stay in the similar house as the killer, the spirit of Tulsi is making an attempt to request Gungun to not take such an enormous step as they donot go away their very own house, Gungun nonetheless can not see her mom, Tulsi even tries to the touch her however she realizes she is only a spirit, Tulsi is pleading however Gungun can not take heed to her, Tulsi goes to face in the door saying Gungun wouldn’t go anyplace however she passes via her strolling down the stairs, Tulsi is operating after her making an attempt to cease Gungun, she begins yelling asking if there is anybody in the house, she sees Mohan strolling in the balcony so standing in entrance of him requests that he cease their daughter who is leaving the house, Mohan nonetheless doesnot pay attention and retains on strolling in the meantime Gungun manages to depart the house, Tulsi tries to run after her however she is blocked due to the safety that has been positioned round the house, she retains on making an attempt nonetheless is hit time and again with the safety. She thinks that she got here again to this house for her daughter and husband however who knew she could be left trapped on this house, Tulsi calls Gungun. Mohan enters the room of Gungun calling her when the spirit of Tulsi comes asking what is he doing looking right here whereas their daughter has left the house, he should exit and seek for her when Mohan leaves considering that she is likely to be taking part in a prank. Tulsi sits beside the door considering that she is compelled to not say something due to the vow which he gave her so it is all his fault and nobody else’s, she blames him considering how he throughout her life made her vow to not present his household her face in the future, she exclaims she is nonetheless fulfilling his vow even after she died however she is not going to let him ignore their daughter even when she can not say something to him. Radha is strolling to the bus stand when she inquiries about the bus, she is knowledgeable that it is an hour late. Radha sees the Mandir and is about to stroll in when the Pandit je closes the door mentioning that the Mandir has closed, Radha thinks that even he turned away from her, the particular person in whose identify she saved feeding the laddo didn’t even acknowledge her, she thought she would finish his ache however as an alternative brought on him extra ache, Dadi is proper to say that Radha has half the mind, she seems inside the Mandir. Mohan is shouting at the staff questioning how had been they not in a position to know when Gungun left the house, he calls all of them as donkey, his sister comes saying that Gungun is no the place to be present in the house they usually even say that they’ve referred to as all her mates however she is not with anybody of them. Mohan’s brother says that Gungun informed him some time in the past that she can not stay in the similar house as the killer of her mom however he didn’t assume she would truly go away the house, Mohan goes to him throwing his plate questioning if he didn’t appear to tell when she mentioned such an enormous factor to him, he says Gungun calls him the killer every day so he thought it was not an enormous deal, Mohan threatens to bury him if something incorrect occurs to his daughter, he leaves the house in anger. The brothers of Tulsi are sitting in the automobile considering some huge cash was spent on this case in the previous six years however Mohan was freed of all the prices and he left after smiling on their face, considered one of them exclaims what in the event that they get the revenge and cash which was spent, his brother questions if he has had quite a bit to drink when he exhibits Gungun strolling in the direction of the automobile, simply as she approaches he out of the blue opens the door, Gungun questions if he is blind when he calls her his little one, they ask if she forgot their uncles identify, she replies she doesnot care since they might have no less than come to go to her, they ask what is she doing right here, Gungun replies she is doing the afternoon stroll in the night, they provide to drop her again however she is not prepared to take a seat with them in the automobile. Tulsi sitting inside the house wonders the place did she go, she is crying considering who would save her if something incorrect occurs to her.

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