Radha Mohan 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini conspires againt Tulsi on her birthday

Radha Mohan 14th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Radha locations the meals in entrance of Bihari je, exclaiming that she did the Jaap on the only ft simply due to the Geeta however he additionally did her second need as the guts of Mohan jee is barely laborious from the surface however it’s nonetheless the identical from inside, she remembers how he mentioned that she exclaimed that is the dear Geeta however it simply got here from the printing press, however then why did he come again with it. This exhibits that he nonetheless cares for the sentiments of different folks. Radha requests Bihari jee to as soon as once more make Mohan jee as the identical previous particular person. Dulari calls her from behind explaining she stands on her single ft in the course of the day and within the evening nonetheless dances like a snake, she angrily asks her to sleep. Radha quietly prays. Kantamwari informs Damini that tomorrow goes to be a extremely laborious day for them, Damini’s mom asks what’s vital about tomorrow after they directly exclaim that tomorrow is the birthday of Tulsi, Kantamwari explains she doesnot need Mohan to do something flawed tomorrow since this occurs yearly, when she doesnot need him to ever take into consideration ending the wedding, Damini exclaims she would by no means let Mohan do something of the type, and as for Tulsi she goes to wish the assistance of Guru maa and in reality goes to fulfill her right this moment. As tomorrow with her birthday will probably be the final day of Tulsi on this home. Gungun in her room is marking the date of her moms birthday, she is weeping exclaiming nobody on this home cares that tomorrow is her moms birthday and if she was alive then Gungun would have hugged her tightly and wished her however it isn’t the case, she doesnot know that the spirit of her mom Tulsi is sitting Infront of her, she requests Gungun to not cry and even tries touching her however remembers she isn’t in a position to do it, she requests her daughter to not cry however Gungun isn’t in a position to hearken to her. Damini is sitting in entrance of Guru maa who exclaims that some days are actually vital for individuals who are useless as a result of that is the day that their family members are remembering them. Damini exclaims that irrespective of how a lot Mohan exclaims of hating her, he’ll nonetheless keep in mind her on her birthday and likewise her daughter. Guru maa exclaims that if the spirits get robust on nowadays there are nonetheless methods to finish their power, she mentions that Tulsi would absolutely go to the place which is vital for her so they have to discover it and set a Hawan kun there and simply as Tulsi comes close to it, they need to entice her. Damini will get tensed asking what would they entice her in, Guru maa takes out a bottle mentioning tomorrow could be the final day of Tulsi. In the morning Kantamwari is with Shekar explaining he is aware of what’s particular about right this moment and the way Mohan will get, so he should deal with all the things when Shekar replies she should relaxation assured as because of this he has come so he’ll go and verify on Mohan. Karan is along with his sister mentioning they have to make a guess as one thing actually unusual goes to occur right this moment, she replies that she is not going to make a guess which she is going to lose as a result of Mohan will get actually offended the one who died has left however left a mark on Mohan. Radha walks to the mandar when Dulari explains she is cleansing so Radha can carry out the pooja after some time, Radha asks why is there not any plant of Tulsi as it’s actually vital for the pooja and she or he should a minimum of plant it, Dulari request her to not even take the identify of Tulsi as it isn’t permissible on this home, Radha doesnot perceive when Dulari exclaims that is the identify of their Bhabhi Tulsi who died, Radha in pleasure exclaims she is about to do one thing for her when Kantamwari from behind exclaims that she is not going to do something for Tulsi as they can not even take her identify on this home, she is glad that Radha saved the lifetime of her daughter however she can’t do something that can trigger ache to her son Mohan. Radha wonders what’s flawed with planting it. Mohan in pleasure asks Shekar why did he come so late, Shekar doesnot perceive when Mohan replies that he texted him as they will go for the live performance after which even have a variety of beer together with browsing, Shekar replies he wants to succeed in the court docket tomorrow at which Mohan asks what about another place however a minimum of he additionally agrees to go together with Shekar to the court docket because it has a variety of drama when Shekar replies that they see the reality within the court docket from which he’s working away, Mohan agrees that it’s now the proper time to face it, he turns the portrait when the spirit of Tulsi in anger asks him to dare and go on the place which was vital for her and marks the place of their love. Damini in her room is questioning what place was vital was Tulsi as she would have by no means stepped within the kitchen and she or he was all the time combating with Mohan of their bed room. She isn’t in a position to perceive the place then seems on the Tulsi kun, recalling how she would pour water on the plant whereas Mohan would additionally assist her, they each would carry out the pooja when he would apply the Sindoor. Mentioning her morning begins from the Tulsi plant whereas his morning solely begins from her, she remembers how he would have a look at them each spending their time, and this was the particular place of Tulsi. Gungun is enjoying in her room when Radha seeks permission to return inside however Gungun doesnot reply, Radha sees how she is attempting to cowl the doll however is failing when she asks her for it to indicate the proper manner, she corrects the doll asking if this was the proper manner, Radha exclaims that is essentially the most lovely doll which she has, Gungun replies her identify is Tulsi however she doesnot know that her mom is her. Damini is getting ready the place based on the directions of the Guru maa, when she remembers how Guru maa defined that when it’s ready then Tulsi wouldn’t give you the option to withstand and are available to close it , when she will likely be trapped into this bottle due to its particular powers after which she goes to torture her to the extent that she is going to choose to die. Damini exclaims that is the top for Tulsi. Gungun explains that her mom’s identify was Tulsi, however nobody on this home celebrates it and so she celebrates it with her pals when Radha exclaims, they have to rejoice it in the identical manner which the birthday is widely known. Radha is strolling when she bumps into Damini, Radha instantly apologizes however Damini exclaims that she has an vital work to do and so wouldn’t combat with her, Radha exclaims even when she goes to do one thing actually vital. Radha exclaims she is getting ready the kheer for the birthday of Tulsi however then remembers how she should not take her identify; Radha prepares the kheer leaving with a bowl. Damini is with her mom performing the ritual after which Tulsi would get trapped when her mom exclaims, she goes a Shraap. Gungun asks why did she make kheer, Radha replies there are two issues first that kheer is the dish mde at each auspicious day and secondly, she doesnot like when folks begin chopping cake, Gungun is about to gentle a candle, Radha stops her saying she should as a substitute gentle a diya as Candle finish however the Agni should hold on going solely when blessings could be showered on this home. Radha will get up considering now she should do the factor that can carry peace into this home.

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