Radha Mohan 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan manages to bring the Geeta of Radha

Radha Mohan 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Radha whereas crying complains with Bihari jee that if she doesnot get again her Geeta, she’s going to finish her friendship with him, Damini’s mom thinks that she made her apologize in entrance of the whole household, so have to be fearful as her Geeta goes away, Radha turns however then the employee locations newspapers on high of the Geeta. Radha in the Mandir mentions she loves her Geeta as a lot she loves him, if he doesnot return her the Bhagwat Geeta then she’s going to by no means discuss with him and get actually offended with him, Dulari brings Kantamwari to the Mandir who asks what occurred to her, she is knowledgeable Radha misplaced her Geeta, she in the Mandir exclaims that till she isn’t ready to discover her Geeta then wouldn’t eat something and can carry out the ritual standing on a single ft, listening to which everybody will get tensed when somebody exclaims that she should make such a promise as a result of she is injured and even they exclaim what are they going to inform her father when Radha exclaims she is bound Bihari jee wouldn’t have the option to see her ache so would bring her Geeta, Kantamwari as soon as once more requests her to finish this promise when Kantamwari receives a textual content so requests her son in regulation to take automotive of Radha whereas she attends a web-based assembly. Mohan is with Damini in the workplace, he exclaims that she is doing an amazing job together with his mom when Damini exclaims that that is his mind little one whereas they’re simply following what he deliberate to do with it, Mohan walks forward when Damini alerts the reporter who rushes to Mohan asking if he solely got here to the workplace for a single day as a result of she is about to get married to Mohan in order that they each have determined to function the enterprise collectively, Mohan nevertheless leaves after making enjoyable of the information channel. Kantamwari nevertheless exclaims that Radha has been standing since the previous three hours on a single foot whereas she ask Dulari to go and provides her some water however Radha refuses to take any, Dulari is about to take the water inside when Damini’s mom drinks it. Mohan is with Damini asking him to not be so offended as the reporters have been ready for them each however Mohan says he instructed her that he wants to avoid these folks, the reporter as soon as once more comes asking what is that this as a result of they’ve been ready for the whole day when Damini apologizes mentioning they will include them to the home the place she’s going to give all of them the interviews. Mohan asks what is that this when Damini exclaims she couldn’t have completed the rest as a result of this type of press is what the firm wants together with them each, the reporter comes to Damini asking if he id the proper factor, she replies he ahs at all times wrote the tales that profit her needs and as soon as Mohan commits infront of the media then wouldn’t have the option to again out from his choice. Gungun is hitting Radha with a ball simply to make her put down the ft, however Kantamwari will get offended seeing her habits so goes to her questioning what’s she making an attempt to do, Gungun replies she helps her when Kantamwari asks her to not do such a factor earlier than leaving when Gungun exclaims this the greatest manner to follow her goal, however Kantamwari mentions that Radha is performing the pooja and even when her intentions are true, the manner which she has chosen is in no way the proper manner so she mustn’t ever do something of the type once more, Gungun as soon as once more hits the ball but it surely stops halfway earlier than hitting Radha, Gungun is shocked seeing the ball however it’s really the spirit of Tulsi that has cached it warning Gungun to not do it once more, Gungun will get scared seeing what is going on and so runs inside apologizing for her habits. Mohan is on the name with Kantamwari explaining she stated it’ll solely take two hours however the complete day has handed, she questions what occurred as a result of they might have to drag him out of that workplace and now he’s not even prepared to work for a single day, she mentions even Radha has created loads of stress in the home, Mohan asks what occurred, she reveals the whole state of affairs that’s prevailing in the home. Kantamwari is absolutely tensed, she explains Radha has been standing on her ft for the previous seven hours, Mohan’s father exclaims if she will get sick then he would have to inform her father relating to something flawed which occurs. Mohan walks into the home the place he sees Radha standing on her single ft, he going to her forces her to flip earlier than putting the Geeta on her hand, she is surprised seeing the Geeta and remembers how she stated that he would himself bring the Geeta for her, Radha begins crying holding the Geeta when she out of the blue faints and is about to fall, Mohan instantly catches her in entrance of Bhagwan, the media begin taking footage when Kantamwari questions what are all of them doing, the query Damini asking she stated she is about to get married with Mohan however seeing this they really feel the spouse is another person, Mohan doesnot look after anybody and simply picks up Radha in his arms strolling inside the home with out listening to anybody, the reporters preserve taking footage when Damini requests them to not take any footage after they say they’d come to see their future household however are shocked about what’s going on, Damini exclaims she is the maid of this home, they have to at the very least take into accounts the normal of Mohan, Damini’s mom additionally threatens to curse them. Mohan locations Radha on the mattress making an attempt to wake her up however she doesnot reply, he lastly throws water on her face when she wakes up simply as he calls her identify, he rapidly stands up when she exclaims that she is ok, he alerts questioning if she is mentally steady. Mohan mentions that he discovered her Geeta in the press and if he was not there then Geeta would have been torn into items. Mohan explains that he managed to save her Geeta this time as a result of it was calling for assist. He additionally asks what was the drama that she was doing downstairs as a result of this method has gotten actually previous, she is already sick and if does this drama ever once more then he would give her a present, she questions what reward will he give her when he says that he stated loads of issues to her and he or she solely remembered the reward, he says he’s going to give her a wheelchair which has gears which she’s going to use in the future. Damini is along with her mom in the room so questions what was the want for her to steal the Geeta, as a result of she took Mohan in order that they may very well be seen as a pair however now all the pieces is ruined, Damini’s mom informs she solely wished to make Radha settle for that she loves Mohan, Damini will get offended query what’s she speaking about as Radha can by no means be in contrast to her, she is the one who has stayed with Mohan all these years, he has given her duty of all the pieces so how can Radha be in contrast to her. Damini warns her to not do something that causes issues for her in the marriage as she doesnot like to lose, Kantamwari enters asking what’s she making an attempt to persuade her mom, Damini explains she was simply making an attempt to inform her that there isn’t a want to scold Radha, Kantamwari asks or is she asking her to not do something flawed like right this moment as a result of she was in the room of Radha in the morning the place she would have stored the Geeta. Damini’s mom instantly refuses to settle for that she might have completed something like this, Kantamwari informs Damini they can’t change what occurred right this moment however she doesnot need something flawed to occur tomorrow as it’s a actually onerous day for them, Damini’s mom questions what’s particular about tomorrow, each Kantamwari and Damini point out it’s the birthday of Tulsi listening to which she will get surprised. Mohan in the room wonders who modified the portrait, he as soon as once more turns it over whereas strolling in direction of the mattress, he sees the date which is th 13th of March, the birthday of Tulsi. Mohan will get actually annoyed seeing the date so he tears the date from the calendar.

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