Radha Mohan 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan questions Radha if she came to their house seeking his love

Radha Mohan 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Radha with a saddened face is slowly strolling into the room, He explains that the Geeta is manufactured from machine, and the fee is 250, there isn’t a answer to remedy the issue and it’s simply thew matter of belief which he doesnot have within the Geeta, Radha strolling drops a bit of paper which the mom of Damini sees, she picks it up studying it after which in anger exclaims that Radha desires to make a relation of love with Mohan. Radha enters the room the place she sees Gungun blacking the whole face of Mohan so questions what’s she doing, Gungun replies that she hates Mohan and is blacking his face, Radha replies that she should not speak like this when Gungun notices one thing is fallacious, so questions what has she occurred to her as Mohan mentioned one thing to her, Radha replies that she doesnot even know the way he grew to become like this as a result of he doesn’t even keep in mind her and the Geeta which he gave her, he doesnot consider in Bhagwan, Gungun replies that is why she is blacking his face as a result of he’s like this and he made her keep again by taking the identify of her mom, he’s the killer when Radha holds her face saying it isn’t the reality as a result of he didn’t kill anybody. Radha explains she is aware of Gungun is actually unhappy and indignant with what occurred however does she know when Radha was younger this occurred together with her as her mom died, she used to blame everybody when someday all of it acquired fantastic, she additionally takes the Geeta mentioning this has all the issues in it, Mohan jee gave her this and it’s written that the soul by no means dies and her mom remains to be beside her, the spirit of Tulsi is sitting behind her smiling. Gungun replies her mom will not be together with her when everybody else has their mom, Radha explains there’s nothing to be nervous about as she will learn a Shlok that can make her really feel good, Gungun pushes her away mentioning her mom has died and she will not be together with her, nobody cares about it not even Radha. She rushes away when Radha thinks she needs she may have make her perceive that when Bihari jee provides the ache then additionally they give the power to struggle it, Radha wipes off the black traces from the face of Mohan earlier than leaving with the Geeta, Tulsi exclaims she ought to let Gungun go as she is a toddler however Radha was ready to perceive it, nevertheless if she was within the place of Radha then would have make her perceive in the identical method, she is the one who’s pleased that Radha came into this house. Radha whereas strolling out bumps into Damini, she instantly apologizes asking if she acquired harm when Damini questions what was she doing within the room of Mohan, she questions if Radha stole something when Damini blames that she was stealing, Radha questions how can she say such a factor when she can by no means take into consideration stealing. Damini asks her to go and relaxation in her room, Damini thinks that she is staying on this house as a result of she saved Gungun so how can she stand in entrance of her when she begins crying on the small issues, she exclaims her mom simply overthinks all the things. Dadi is sitting with the pandit jee when Kantamwari jee comes mentioning she also can carry out the Darshan within the Mandir, after they each go away saying that it’s the proper factor. Damini’s mom asks if she understood as a result of Radha desires to marry Mohan, Damini questions the place is it written that she loves Mohan as she simply desires to give him the Geeta, her mom nevertheless says that she will not be conscious of the true intentions which women like Radha have, Damini will get pissed off so she leaves the room. Her mom exclaims there was no want to save the lifetime of Radha as then it might have brought on two of the issues to be solved as a result of Gungun may have died whereas the situation which Mohan had positioned would have additionally been solved, she is laughing when she immediately falls on the mattress feeling as if somebody has slapped her. Radha in her room is sitting on the mattress questioning why is it that Mohan jee doesnot consider in him, he may have heard all of it. Radha tries to apply the drugs when she will not be ready to as a result of her knee will not be transferring, she by accident causes the glass to fall which breaks. Mohan questions the place is her consideration, she apologizes however then as soon as once more begins screaming, he asks if she is hurting however she replies that she is okay. He calls Dulari however they don’t reply when he exclaims the place have all of them died, Radha requests him to not speak like this explaining Dulari went to deliver the greens whereas her father went to the Mandir, Mohan asks her to finish this dwell telecast so sits on the mattress, he’s about to apply the drugs when she stops him explaining he’s Mohan jee, he replies he didn’t know that his identify is Mohan jee, she refuses to let him contact her ft, when he questions how would he give you the option to apply the drugs, she informs she will pray with Bihar jee so her ache would finish when Mohan replies she has saved the lifetime of his daughter and that is the least he can do, she begins transferring it so he threatens to break it if she strikes it yet one more time, he slowly begins making use of the drugs on her ft, she begins weeping him, she will not be even ready to take her eyes off her. Radha seeks permission to ask a query, asking if he really doesnot consider in Bhagwan, when he asks if she began as soon as once more, Radha begins studying some verses mentioning when he asks if she is mad as a result of he all the time after assembly her thinks that she is sort of a dwell telecast of Geeta, she apologizes explaining she was speaking about Bihari jee which angers Mohan who asks her to take the drugs and apply it herself, he walks out of the room whereas Dadi enters in amazement. Damini’s mom slowly stands up asking Tulsi the place is she mentioning Gungun is their younger daughter and she didn’t say something however Tulsi retains on slapping her many times whereas she begins to apologize but Tulsi doesnot cease, Kantamwari is shocked to see that Tulsi is thrashing her sister, she stands infront of her sister due to which Tulsi stops, she remembers the vow which Mohan gave her that she won’t ever are available in entrance of her household, she requests Tulsi to go away all of them as a result of she will not be even leaving their household after demise, Tulsi exclaims she is leaving her due to Kantamwari in any other case she would by no means go away who suppose in poor health of her daughter. Damini’s mom is glad that Kantamwari came to defend her in any other case she would have died, Kantamwari thinks they need to inform Mohan however Damini mentions she feels they need to not speak about something up to now, Kantamwari mentions that he’s in probably the most hazard, Damini mentions she won’t ever let Tulsi win once more. Dadi questions Radha what was occurring right here, Radha replies he was simply making use of the drugs when Dadi threatens to educate her a lesson when she goes again residence, Radha replies she was very candy in entrance of everybody else, Dadi explains it was essential on the time however now she should educate her a lesson, Radha replies she is not going to go away as a result of Mohan jee allowed her to keep until his marriage, Dadi mentions if she stays then his second marriage would by no means occur, Radha will get tensed explaining she respects him like Bihari jee however Dadi explains the world would give her respect the identify of love, listening to this Radha asks her to not speak like this, she instantly apologizes to Bihari jee when Dadi mentions she is the one one who is aware of the reality about her coronary heart however all of them would nonetheless say that she loves Mohan, Radha is shocked to see that the mom of Damini is standing behind listening to their dialog, she rushes yelling everybody to come to the corridor, Damini asks why did she begin all of it as soon as once more as a result of it’s sufficient, she explains all of them didn’t consider her however this time she came with the proof as a result of Radha didn’t come into this house for the wedding of Mohan however he himself, Rahul asks Kantamwari that she ought to have additionally named him like a deity as a result of then women would additionally roam round him like her favourite Mohan, he walks to stand infront of Radha asking if that is the reality and she loves him, Radha will get terrified.

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