Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya gets a huge shock

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying I m eager to give you this good news. She asks the servant to clean the room. She asks where is Khanderao. He says he is in palace in the main room. She goes to see Khanderao. She sees Gautama blessing Parvati and accepting her as Khanderao’s second wife. She gets shocked and hides. Gautama feeds the sweets to Khanderao. Dwarka says their jodi looks so beautiful, right. Ahilya looks at Khanderao and cries. He sees her at the door and gets worried.

Gawde gives him the shagun. Khanderao accepts it. Harku sees Ahilya and says you have returned soon, I wasn’t here, I went to meet my relatives. Ahilya goes. Harku goes after her and asks what’s the matter. Ahilya sits crying. Dwarka says Gautama will do the shagun first. Gautama gives the shagun. Gawde thanks Gautama for accepting Parvati. He says we didn’t get lucky to meet Malhar till now, he will soon bless Parvati. Dwarka says sure, Malhar will be here by tomorrow, trust me, he will be very glad hearing about this relation, he will bless Parvati. Khanderao says sorry, I have some imp work. He leaves.

Harku says I was afraid for this, Dwarka succeeded in her pan, I didn’t think she will do this so soon. Ahilya asks how can we blame someone when Khanderao agreed, he isn’t a kid, Gautama… I know she is much upset with me, but I didn’t know she will get another bahu, how can she do this. Harku says I was stopping you for this reason, Dwarka hurried for this before Malhar came back, why did you go there. Ahilya says I went to save Khanderao’s name, I made a mistake, so should I get such a big punishment. Harku says no, don’t worry, this marriage can’t happen without Malhar’s consent, he will come and make everything fine, don’t worry. Ahilya asks what will he do, if Khanderao has decided to make me away, then what can anyone do, I had come back crossing a big journey to give him the precious gift of our life, but here…

Harku asks what gift, what did you get for him. Ahilya sees Khanderao. Harku asks what did you do. She leaves. Dwarka gets the mahurat for the ritual. Gunu ji says but Malhar is coming tomorrow, we have to give him some time. Pandit gives another mahurat after two days. Dwarka agrees. She gives him money. She asks him to tell the mahurat to Gautama. He leaves. She says I m worried that Khanderao’s anger can melt seeing Ahilya. Gunu ji says don’t worry, I have filled anger and hatred for her in his heart. Ahilya asks Khanderao to have a juice drink. She says you feel hungry at this time, its your old habit, it won’t change in a day, wait, I will get food for you. He stops her and says I don’t want to have food. She asks what do you want, tell me, you have started refusing to everything I say. She cries. He asks why are you stopping yourself, ask me what you want to ask. She asks why. He says you ask yourself, maybe you get an answer. She says you are upset and that’s why you have…. He says don’t blame me, don’t cry, listen to me. She wipes her tears. She says congrats for a new relation, all the best, I have accepted your everything, also second marriage.

Ahilya says I got to know that you have fixed Khanderao’s second marriage. Gautama says look Ahilya, you will be the Badirani always. Sarja comes and says I got raw mangoes for you, you would like to eat it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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