Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Khanderao agrees for remarriage

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarja taking care of Ahilya and asks her to take care of herself well. Ahilya says I find this journey long now, I want to send the message for Khanderao. Sarja says yes, sometimes it’s the happiness of giving the message to family. Ahilya says yes, news loses its values and joy fades down when the time passes. Sarja asks what are you thinking. Ahilya says no, I will tell later, I have to think about the baby now. Dwarka says whatever is happening between you and Ahilya, we are seeing everything. He asks can you just see this, I love her so much. Gautama says even I love Ahilya a lot, her contribution is imp, no one can deny this, but she is neglecting her household duties, I can’t see the old Ahilya in her, her priorities have changed. Gautama says even if we get upset with her, she isn’t ready to change her path and admit that she is wrong. Dwarka says she will always be your Badi Rani, you are Yuvraj, you have to take such tough decisions someday, we want Parvati and your relation for political reasons also. She explains him. Gautama says we will do what Khanderao decides, I want his happiness. Ahilya is on the way. She thinks our Baal Gopal will come in this palace now. Khanderao argues with Dwarka. He says I don’t need to marry for political reasons, I will talk to Ahilya, I m sure that our issues will get sorted, everything can become like before, second marriage isn’t an option, I will talk to her today, but where is she. Gunu ji comes and says I have to talk something imp. Khanderao goes with him. Gautama says he refused for the marriage, he will think I m bad. Dwarka says this won’t happen, let Khanderao come, we will stay here till then.

Gunu ji says Jagirdar is dead. Khanderao asks what. Gunu ji asks him to ask the guards. He says you had stopped Ahilya so she had gone there to investigate, she could have arrested him and got him to darbar, but she has killed him, she didn’t give hm a wish to prove his innocence. Khanderao says there would be some reason for this, maybe she tried to arrest him and he did this in defense. Gunu ji says its tough to regard a dear one loved. He calls a lady and introduces Khanderao to her. The lady says Ahilya has killed Jagirdar, she did a big drama, she removed the shivling also, she threatened us. He worries. Gunu ji says she will bring fake evidences to present here. Khanderao thinks Ahilya can’t be so cruel. Gunu ji says they will question Yuvraj for this matter. Khanderao goes. Gunu ji gives money to the lady and asks her to go away for few days. Khanderao comes to Gautama and says I m ready for this alliance by all my heart and wish. Ahilya looks for Khanderao to give the good news. She sits near the dhol and talks to him about the coming baby.

Ahilya gets shocked seeing Gautama fixing Khanderao and Parvati’s alliance.

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  1. Becoming as unbearable to watch as all the others now with the second marriage. Shameful. Why is Kanderao so thick?


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