Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya catches Jagirdar

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking the guards to dig the ground. They get the assets. The lady worries. Ahilya sees some cart going and stops them. Jagirdar hides behind the cart and runs. Ahilya asks him to come out and surrender. The lady asks her to stop the guards, she will get cursed. The guard says we can’t force them, they are going for charity. Ahilya says they are trying their best to get saved, they don’t know that even I m a daughter of a cow breeder. She makes sound and makes the cows run away. Jagirdar runs away. She sees him and asks him to stop and surrender. He runs into the jungle. He gets tired. He falls down. Ahilya comes there and sees him. He gets up and catches her. He asks the guards to get up. Guard shoots an arrow at him. He falls dead. She says I wish you surrendered to us.

Dwarka comes to Khanderao and Gautama. She gets Parvati’s family there. She says you don’t ned to say anything, I understand everything, Ahilya doesn’t care for your respect, why do you worry then. Khanderao asks what are you both talking, tell me, why did you call me. Dwarka says everyone is here, tell him openly about it. Gautama says I have taken a decision. Ahilya says you will have to manage the arrangements here. The guard leaves. Ahilya is sad. Sarja asks why are you not happy. Ahilya says I have become a reason for a person’s death. Sarja says Jagirdar was a wrong person, you forget this and just remember that Khanderao and your baby is coming, you have to give the good news to him. Ahilya says it will be the happiest moment.

Khanderao comes to his room. He recalls Gautama asking him to get married to Parvati. He says I m happy, I have a wife, how can you think all this. Gawde asks is everything fine, does he have any complain. Dwarka says no, he will respect his mum’s words. Khanderao recalls Ahilya. He says I have always accepted your command, because I blindly trust you, its your wish. They all smile that he agreed. He leaves. FB ends. Parvati greets Gautama and takes her blessings. FB ends. Khanderao hurts himself. Gautama comes and stops him. Ahilya is on the way back to the palace. She sees a little kid. She sends some sweets for him. She sees a man caring for his pregnant wife. She smiles. Gautama says I know you are sad and alone. Khanderao says you are mistaken, even if I m not happy, does this man that I get someone else in her place, I can never imagine anyone in her place. Gunu ji asks what, Ahilya got all the proof, did Jagirdar take my name before dying. The man says no, he didn’t get enough time. Gunu ji says fine, go, if Ahilya has all the proof, then she will be proved right, I can’t lose Khanderao’s trust at any cost.

Ahilya gets shocked seeing Gautama accepting Parvati as Khanderao’s second wife.

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1 thought on “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya catches Jagirdar”

  1. I thought at least in this historical serial they would stop the sick second marriage track.
    Now they are trashing this the same as all the others. I cannot watch someone shamelessly marrying a married man, nor a wicked mother making it happen. It is sick and bigamy.
    There is no need for this to happen and ruin a good story.
    Gautama deserves a sound slapping, she is a shame to her kind .Where is her self-respect as a woman, thinking that all a woman has to do is serve a spoilt brat of a man?


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