Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya decides to investigate the matter

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Mausi telling everything in the darbar. Gangoba says another person had come to the darbar from Mahidpur, but he left before his turn came. Ahilya says maybe he also came with a complain and someone disappeared him. Khanderao says we can’t do anything just on assumptions, Mausi has no proof against the Jagirdar. Ahilya says if you give permission to investigate, then we will find a proof against the Jagirdar. He says maybe we don’t find any proof. She thinks what happened to him, why isn’t he taking an action against him. Khanderao says Jagirdar is a responsible position, we can’t investigate against him just on such assumptions, it can badly affect our terms, Rajya can face a problem, I can’t permit any investigations against the Jagirdar. Ahilya asks Mausi not to worry. She says I will go to Mahidpur and investigate the matter, just be strong, I will solve this problem. Dwarka says until Ahilya goes and comes, Khanderao’s second marriage will get fixed.Harku waits for Ahilya. She says I will go and get her. Ahilya says I have to go Mahidpur today, then I can come before Gudi Padwa. Tukoji asks will everything get done in a day. She says yes, I don’t want to upset family and Praja. He says fine, ten soldiers troupe are ready to go with you, I have sent Mausi to a safe place. Harku hears this and asks are you going out today. Ahilya says I will go and come back on time. Harku asks did you talk to Gautama. Ahilya says no. Harku says she won’t agree, don’t do anything against her wish. Yamuna hears them. Harku says stay at home till Gudi padwa and go later. Yamuna says Dwarka’s plan will fail, Parvati will go back with her parents. Ahilya says no, Khanderao is taking a wrong decision under some pressure, much wrong is happening in Mahidpur, if anything happens then Khanderao will get blamed, I have to go. Yamuna smiles. Harku says I wish Khanderao understands that you care for his name and respect, I feel sad seeing him behaving rudely with you.Ahilya says we have some misunderstandings between us, it will get cleared soon. Yamuna thinks you both won’t get time for this. Khanderao misses Ahilya. Servant says you and Ahilya had saved a villager family, they came from the chaar dhaam yatra and prayed for you, they sent this prasad for you. He recalls their childhood. He says no, something wrong is happening. He goes to Gunu ji. Gunu ji asks what’s the matter. Khanderao says you remember what that lady said, whatever happens, Ahilya can never lie, even if we have many problems. Gunu ji stops him and says I will send someone to Mahidpur to find the truth, then talk to Ahilya. Khanderao says okay, I will not talk to her until you give me all the info. He goes. Dwarka asks Gunu ji what is the matter. Gunu ji worries. Ahilya recalls Gautama’s words. She sees Gautama and Parvati. Gautama says you need time and attention to apply mehendi, you have no time for all this. Parvati says Gautama was laughing hearing my talks. Ahilya smiles and says I m seeing you laugh after many days, I m glad. Gautama says I got a reason to laugh after many days.Precap:Gunu ji asks the man to reach Mahidpur and ask the Jagirdar to leave the village, and come back till Ahilya is there. Ahilya faints down.Update Credit to: Amena

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