Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya hides her pain

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar saying you can get the checkup done by the Vaid. Ahilya says no, I m okay. He says you are careless towards your health. She says no. Tukoji says you have to sit something in front of us, else you will get busy in some other work. Ahilya says talk to Khanderao later, everyone is so happy, they are celebrating it like a festive, don’t fade his happiness. Malhar says everyone knows that country and people are more imp to me than family. She says agree for my sake, for Gautama’s sake. He asks her to sit and have food. She eats the food. He asks her to take care. He leaves.

Tukoji says its tough for her to handle everything. Malhar says her heart is too sorrowful, but she doesn’t let her pain reflect, I wish the family members could understand this. Gautama says just one sweets is made, you know Rakma, Khanderao loves sweets. Rakma says yes, I had explained the cooks well, I will go and see. Ahilya comes and says don’t worry, I will handle. Gautama says no need, I will see it, you will have other work, you don’t need to work for this rasam. Ahilya says I will do it. Gautama leaves. Ahilya instructs the servants. Rakma taunts her. She says you can become great, but Gautama and Khanderao have decided to give your place to someone else. Ahilya says I respect you, because you are Tukoji’s wife, he is like my own brother, don’t know why you dislike me so much, I never came in your way, I will remind you, I m Malwa’s Choti rani, Khanderao’s first wife, I will be the same even after his second marriage, can you say this in front of Gautama and Khanderao. Rakma gets silent.

Ahilya says about my Karm, my intentions are deeds are never wrong, if I have done any mistake, then I will accept it as my fate. She goes. Khanderao thinks of Ahilya. She comes and asks him to have the milk. He tries to talk to her. She says we can talk political things all life, I may not be able to say this with such rights tomorrow. He asks what. She sits near the dhol. She asks him to play it for her. She says from tomorrow, I won’t have the same rights on you. He plays the dhol for her. He recalls their moments. She also thinks of it. She cries.

Its morning, Ahilya sadly does the arrangements. Yamuna and Rakma smile. Harku comes to support Ahilya. Yamuna taunts Ahilya. Ahilya goes. Khanderao and Parvati get on the stage to exchange garlands. Ahilya gets their shagun. She looks at them. Ahilya cries. Harku holds her. Ahilya says I shouldn’t cry on an auspicious occasion, my heart isn’t in my control. Harku says listen to me, come with me, and watch the rituals happening, this is the truth, accept it soon, then your life will get easy, you have shown courage many times, show it this time also. Ahilya cries.

Ahilya sees Khanderao and Parvati. She faints down. Everyone worries for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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