Parineeti 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev leaves Parineet behind

Parineeti 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gurpreet raises her hand on Mandeep but stops herself. She asks her to keep quiet.

Rajeev is driving when Pari calls him and asks if he has reached home? He lies yes. She says when will you come to pick me up? He says I will come tonight. Pari says won’t that be late? Rajeev says you should spend time with your family and mummy would want that as she loves you, I will come around 7:30 PM. Pari says okay, I will wait for you. He ends the call and is angry.

Gurpreet is leaving Mandeep’s room when she finds Jaswant coming there. She says I will never question your decision. Jaswant smiles at her and asks her to make tea, she nods and leaves.

Pari is with her family and waiting for Rajeev. She says he must be coming soon. Beeji asks her to not worry, Harman asks her to sit down. Pari says it’s late. Jaswant says he must be stuck in traffic. Gurpreet says he will come soon. Pari says it’s 9 PM so I am worried. Beeji asks her to call Rajeev and ask him. She calls him but his phone is off. Gurpreet says he must be busy with work, don’t worry. Pari keeps waiting for him and it’s past 11 PM. Gurpreet says we should call Gurvindar and ask her. Jaswant calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Beeji says she must be asleep by now. Pari goes out of the house to look for Rajeev. She keeps calling him but he doesn’t pick up. She is worried. Gurpreet comes to her and says come inside, he will come soon, don’t worry. She takes her from there. She asks her to go and sleep. She says no, I will wait for Rajeev. Gurpreet says okay, don’t stress too much. She sits at the door.

In the morning, Pari wakes up near the door and asks Gurpreet if he Rajeev came? She says no, he must have been stuck somewhere.

Jaswant calls Gurvindar. She takes the call and says I am sorry, I couldn’t take the call last night. He asks how is Rajeev? He is not picking up his phone and Pari kept waiting for him till late at night. Gurvindar says I am sorry, he must have made you all worried. Jaswant says he never informed us of anything. Gurvindar says Pari is lucky for him, he got an interview call from Chandigarh and went there to set up everything to shift. He will come and pick her up soon. Jaswant says you can pick Pari up. Gurvindar says it’s a ritual so I think Rajeev should bring her back. Keep your daughter with you for some time and then Rajeev will come to pick her up.

Pari is sad, Gurpreet asks her to eat something. Jaswant comes there and says Rajeev went to Chandigarh for a job, he went there to set up everything. Pari says that’s good news, he was worried about the job. I will thank God. She leaves from there. Gurpreet says Pari is selfless, she is happy that Rajeev got the job. Mandeep thinks this seems fishy.

Pari gets Neeti’s call and asks how are you? Neeti says I miss you, how is your marriage going? Pari says Rajeev got a job in Chandigarh, I am lucky to have him. Neeti says send me his photo. Pari says I will send it when I get the marriage album. Neeti says I won’t be able to come to meet you for some days. She ends the call.

Some people bring luggage from Gurvindar’s house. Mandeep tells Gurpreet that now you people will realize what a mistake you all did.

PRECAP – Gurvindar tells Jaswant and Harman to stop doubting them. Harman says Rajeev has two weeks to take Parineet to Chandigarh otherwise I will go behind him. Some people gossip in the neighborhood that Rajeev might have run away after leaving his wife. Jaswant is worried.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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