Parineeti 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Parineet tries to woo Rajeev

Parineeti 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Minty talks to Parineet and says everyone is asking for your photo, you will be protected from the evil eye because of this sacred bracelet. Pari looks at the bracelet that Rajeev gifted her and smiles. Parineet asks where is the kitchen? I will show my cooking skills now. She goes to the kitchen and says I will cook something sweet. She starts cooking without anyone’s help and makes halwa.

Jaswant gets parsad from his wife. They leave. Mandeep thinks Parineet will be ill-fated and will get divorced after finding out the truth.

Minty tastes Parineet’s halwa and says it’s so delicious. Parineet says I will take this to others. Minty says Rajeev will go crazy after eating it.

Gurvindar looks at the property papers and says everything is fine now. She asks Rajeev why is he worried? Rajeev says I am feeling guilty about Pari. She says why do you feel guilty? We just asked for the property and it will fulfill your dreams. Do you want me to tell the truth to Pari that you didn’t want to do this marriage? Pari comes there and hears all that. She is shocked.

Jaswant is massaging Beeji’s foot. Beeji praises Jaswant and Gurpreet’s couple. Beeji says Pari is not as strong as Gurpreet. Gurpreet says Rajeev will take care of Pari now.

Pari asks Gurvindar what truth is she talking about? She asks Rajeev if she should tell her? Rajeev says I am just worried about work, it’s fine. Parineet says I made sweets. Gurvindar tastes it and says it’s delicious. Rajeev says I don’t like halwa, he leaves. Gurvindar says don’t worry, she eats and praises Parineet.

Gurpreet tells Jaswant that I am cleaning Pari’s room as she will be coming back home tomorrow. Jaswant says we are missing her now. Gurpreet says should we ask what Rajeev likes to eat? Jaswant says let’s call Parineet. They video call her. Pari says I met Jaswant met today but I miss you mummy. Jaswant says I was going to work and met her. Gurpreet asks what should we cook for Rajeev? Gurvindar comes there and talks to them. Gurpreet says Rajeev will be coming here today, what should we cook? Gurvindar tells about his favorite dishes. She gives the phone to Pari. Gurpreet asks Pari to come tomorrow, she ends the call. Gurvindar gives toiletries to Pari and asks her to take a rest. Pari thanks her, Gurvindar leaves. Pari recalls how Rajeev said he doesn’t like hot halwa and goes to the refrigerator. She comes to Rajeev and says I have frozen halwa now. Rajeev eats it and thanks her. He takes off her hair clip and says you look pretty without hair tied. Pari smiles. Rajeev eats halwa and says it’s tasty. Pari says we will go to our family’s house tomorrow. Gurvindar comes there and says take her to parents house and bring her back. She asks them to take a rest now, Pari nods and leaves. Rajeev shows the hair clip to Gurvindar and asks if she gave it to her? She says yes, I thought it was for her. Rajeev says it was not for her. Gurvindar says then whose it is for? Rajeev recalls his old love. Gurvindar asks him to forget that girl as he is married to Parineet now.

Rajeev comes back to his room and sees Pari opening the cupboard. She says I am keeping my clothes in the cupboard, is that fine? He says it’s okay. You can sleep, I have some work. Pari goes to the bed. Rajeev says I can go to another room. Pari says it’s okay, you can work here.

PRECAP – Rajeev tells Parineet that he will protect her, he thinks I have to take care of her till I get my freedom. Rajeev and Pari arrive at Jaswant’s house. Mandeep tells Pari that Rajeev married her for her property only, he doesn’t love her. Rajeev and Gurvindar made Jaswant give them his land. Pari is shocked and asks if she is telling the truth? She cuts her hand. All rush to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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