Parineeti 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev tries to keep up the act with Parineet

Parineeti 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari comes in the room after changing and sees Rajeev setting up his bed. He looks on and says I know we are married but I am still habituated to sleeping alone and it would be awkward for both of us. We have a whole to share nights.. if you know what I mean so why don’t we sleep separately tonight? Pari smiles and agrees with him. Pari recalls Rakesh’s misbehavior and thinks she is lucky to get a guy like Rajeev as her husband.

At Parineet’s house, all family members are missing Parineet. Gurpreet says it’s difficult to imagine a life without Pari here but I pray for her better life there.

In the morning, Pari wakes up alone in the room and sees the time, she says I am waking up late. She thinks to talk to Gurdindar about toiletries and freshen up for the day.

Rajeev is talking with Gurvindar and says I can’t do this drama of a good husband for much longer, I am feeling guilty to deceive Pari like this. Gurvindar says don’t worry, once we have property papers then you can leave from here and I will handle Parineet. Anyway, no guy would have agreed to marry a girl like her but we accepted her and that’s all for the property and getting back our honor. Rajeev turns to see Pari standing there and gets scared that she might have heard everything. Pari tells Gurvindar that she needs toiletries. Rajeev and Gurvindar are happy to realize she didn’t hear anything.

Scene 2
Parineet is getting ready for her Munh Dikhai ceremony and asks Rajeev to help her in selecting a dress. Rajeev tries to hide his frustration and helps her.

Jaswant tells Harman to visit Gurudwara and pray for the family as he is unable to go today. Harman agrees. Mandeep hears all that and thinks why Jaswant doesn’t want to go today? He thinks to find out the real reason.

Parineet is in the washroom and looks around for the soap. Rajeev comes there and Parineet slips but he catches her in his arms. They both share an eye lock and she smiles at him. The necklaces get tangled like the first day they met. Rajeev untangles them and frees her.

Gurvindar calls Jaswant to remind him for the property papers, he says I am working on those and you will get it soon. He says I will meet you soon. Mandeep hears all that and thinks who is he meeting with? He hears Jaswant talking to Harman about the property.

Gurvindar comes to Parineet and sees her getting ready, she says I am lucky to get a daughter-in-law like her and I bless you to protect you from all evil eyes. Keerti teases Rajeev about ogling at Pari as she is looking pretty. Rajeev looks away and says it’s nothing like that. He says Pari is pretty but simple. Pari hears that and smiles at him.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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