Parineeti 2nd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev keeps fooling Parineet

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Scene 1
Mandeep tries to talk to Parineet and says I want to tell you something very important. Rajeev, Gurvindar and Jaswant come there. Mandeep says the issue is that we are all missing you, I want your happiness only. She turns to see Harman standing there and glaring at her to not tell anything to Pari otherwise he will divorce her. Pari smiles and says I miss you all. She turns to see Jaswant there and hugs him. Pari asks if everything is fine? Harman says we were going somewhere and stopped to meet you. He says we are all missing you that’s why we came inside. Pari cries, Jaswant asks what happened? Pari says I didn’t miss you all as much so I am not a good daughter. Gurvindar says because we take care of her as my daughter. Pari tells Jaswant that I am happy here. Jaswant says that’s good to know. Mandeep leaves from there so Harman goes behind her. Gurvindar tells Jaswant to stay for dinner. He says no, I have to leave for some work, he leaves. Rajeev looks on.

Harman comes to Mandeep and asks if she has gone mad? You would have destroyed Pari’s life. Mandeep says you threatened to divorce me because of your brother? Harman says enough, if you say anything about my brother then I will divorce you right now. Jaswant comes there and says calm down. He tells Mandeep that we have given the land to Parineet which she had a right on, and he leaves. Mandeep tells Harman that it’s my ill prayer for Parineet that she will never be happy.

Parineet sits in the function and sees her mangalsutra broken. She gets worried and says it’s not a good omen. Rajeev helps in making her wear it again. He says don’t worry. The guests say it’s not a good omen. Rajeev says don’t be stressed, it’s a necklace only. Gurvindar asks Pari to sit down and says trust me, I got you married to my son and I promise to protect your marriage. She tells Rajeev that we should tell the truth to her. Rajeev is shocked. Gurvindar says I am talking about the gift. Rajeev shows a gift to Parineet and all cheer for him. Gurvindar thinks now that everyone will see Rajeev as a good husband. Rajeev tells Parineet that I got this gift today for you, that’s why I left with my mom. He tells Pari that I got a bracelet for you which will keep you away from the stress. He shows her the bracelet and says I want to protect you from all the evil eyes. Even if I am with you or not, this bracelet will protect you. He makes her wear it. Pari blushes and smiles at him. All clap for them. Rajeev looks away. The flashback shows how Gurvindar forced Rajeev to get a gift for Pari so nobody would question where they went. The flashback ends.

Harman brings Mandeep home and tells her to not tell about the property deal with anyone. Mandeep says how can you see your life being destroyed? Harman says Parineet is like my daughter. She saved us so it’s our turn to save her happiness. Mandeep says you are blinded, she leaves. Jaswant comes there and hugs Harman.

Pari takes blessings from all the guests. Gurvindar asks Pari to take a rest now.

Gurvindar tells Rajeev to bring property papers from the car. He says I am hungry. Gurvindar says just eat anything you want. Rajeev says I will eat once you cook, he leaves from there.

Mandeep comes to the kitchen and says my life has been destroyed. I should have known that Rajeev loves Pari’s money and not her. She prays for this marriage to break and then I will tell the truth to everyone. Pari’s mother comes there and asks what happened? Mandeep tries to tell her but recalls Harman’s threat. She asks why did we deny Varun? Pari’s mother says because they were greedy, they wanted dowry which we can never accept. Mandeep tries to tell her but Harman comes there.

Rajeev comes to the car to get the property papers. His brother comes there and asks if you are still thinking about the girl who rejected you? I just want to say that Pari is very a nice girl. Rajeev says you want to say I am not happy with this marriage? Didn’t you see what I did for Pari? His brother says I see you are stressed so tell me what is it? Rajeev says it’s nothing. He recalls Gurvindar’s promise that he will get the freedom after marriage.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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