Parineeti 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari and Rajeev finally meet again

Parineeti 29th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Monty tells Rajeev to not be nervous. Rajeev says Neeti will become mine after this engagement.

Neeti tells Pari to go and meet Rajeev. Pari says we can’t go now. Neeti says why not? Pari recalls how Vicky said that he has feelings for Neeti. Neeti says oh now I remember. She tells Vicky that she is getting engaged today with Sanju. Vicky is heartbroken. Neeti says sorry I didn’t tell you before. She tells Pari that you should go and meet Rajeev. You can bring Rajeev in my engagement. She asks Vicky to come with them. Pari goes to get her bag. Neeti tells Vicky that it’s good you will be part of my engagement, thank you for always helping me. I really like Sanju. Pari comes there, Neeti wishes her luck. They leave.

Pari says sorry to Vicky for not telling him before. Vicky says it’s good that you didn’t tell me before, I am feeling bad but I always wanted her happiness so if she is happy with someone else then I am happy for her. Pari says Sanju and Neeti love each other. Vicky says I just want you to reunite with Rajeev and then I will be happy.

Neeti calls Rajeev who sends his suit picture to her. Neeti says you should have worn a traditional dress, please wear something traditional. She ends the call. Rajeev says I have to change now. Monty says don’t you get confused that she calls you Sanju? He says no one calls me Rajeev here. Monty says you left her in the village. Rajeev says don’t bring up Pari. He asks Monty to go and pick clothes for him. Rajeev says I should have thought about wearing traditional before.

Vicky and Pari arrive outside Balvindar Bajwa’s house. Pari gets excited and cleans the Bajwa nameplate. She says I want to do something. She puts a sacred red mark on his name plate and says this is a good sign.

Monty comes to Balvindar and asks if he has any traditional clothes for an engagement. Balvindar asks whose engagement? Monty says his friend is getting engaged. Balvindar asks him to take anything from the cupboard. Monty mistakenly drops a picture and says I broke Shika’s photo. Balvindar says it’s okay, she is a kid.

Monty comes to Rajeev and sees him wearing a sherwani. Rajeev says this is the same sherwani I wore at the wedding with Pari. Monty says I found a turban. He tries tying it on his head but Rajeev keeps recalling Pari. He thinks why do I feel like she will come in front of me?

Pari and Vicky come to Balvindar’s house, Rajeev’s cousin asks who are they? Pari says I am Rajeev’s wife. The cousin asks how can you confirm that you are Rajeev’s wife? Try calling him. Vicky says just call Rajeev here. His cousin says I am not also married but I can see you are a goon. She goes to call Rajeev.

Rajeev’s cousin Simi comes to him and says someone has come to meet you. Rajeev says I am going for my friend’s engagement so I will be late. Simi says you can come and say no to them yourself. Rajeev angrily leaves from there. He goes with her and finds Pari in the living room. He is shocked. Pari gets emotional seeing him. Rajeev says you here? He smiles. They both run to hug each other. Rajeev says I am sorry for not being there for you. I always missed you. Pari says I missed you too. Rajeev says I am so happy to see you here, thank you for coming to me. I really love you. Pari blushes.. it all turns out to be Pari’s dream. She sees Rajeev coming there and asks what are you doing here? Vicky says where would she be then? Simi says this girl is saying that she is your wife. Vicky asks Monty why didn’t he take his call? Simi says do you know these people? Rajeev recalls his deal with Gurvindar. Vicky asks Rajeev to tell her the truth. Rajeev is tensed and looks on.
PRECAP – Rajeev introduces Pari as his wife to his aunt, his aunt asks Pari to leave from there. Rajeev tells Pari that he is getting engaged. Otherside Neeti waits for Rajeev to arrive for their engagement.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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