Parineeti 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mandeep finds out about the deal

Parineeti 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Munh Dikhai ceremony starts at Rajeev’s house. Parineet covers her face and gets blessings from Gurvindar and their neighbors. All guests dance and enjoy in the function.

Gurvindar leaves the house to meet Jaswant and get property papers. The guests are looking for her and start to the gossip of where she might have gone at this time.

Mandeep sees Jaswant leaving the house and follows him. She goes to the site and finds him meeting with Gurvindar. She hides and sees them doing a deal on the land. She confronts them. Jaswant is shocked to see her there. Mandeep tells Gurvindar that she is greedy and selfish for making a deal out of this marriage. She says I will inform Parineet about this deal.

Mandeep calls Harman and tells him about the deal. He says I knew about it. Mandeep says Jaswant is selfish to only think about his daughter and her happiness. She says I will go to Parineet and tell her about all this, she ends the call. Harman tries to start his bike but it’s not working.

Bebe blesses Pari and says I wish you have a baby soon. Some guests say that these days kids want to enjoy before having a baby.

Rajeev tells Gurvindar that I feel bad about all this. Gurvindar says we are not doing any crime. Rajeev says what if that Mandeep tells the truth to Parineet then we won’t get the land. Gurvindar says then forget about your freedom, I will do something to stop her Mandeep. She calls the guard and sends him Mandeep’s photo, she says don’t let this woman enter the house at any cost. He says sure and ends the call. The guard sees Mandeep coming there and stops her from entering the house. He says you are not on the guest list so you can’t go inside. She says to try and stop me. She goes into the house. The guard sends a woman guard behind her.

Jaswant is going for the paper work and says I want everything to be done nicely as my daughter just got the happiness.

Mandeep goes into the house from the back door. Mandeep comes to meet Parineet. Pari asks what happened? Rajeev, Gurvindar and Jaswant come to their house, The guard says she couldn’t enter the house. Another guard comes there and she went inside from the back door. Gurvindar is shocked. They run to stop her.

Mandeep takes Pari to a separate room and says that you don’t know about the storm in our lives. Rajeev, Gurvindar and Jaswant come there.

PRECAP – Rajeev is angry at Gurvindar for lying to Parineet. She says what do you want? I can tell the truth to Parineet that you are not happy with this marriage. Parineet comes there. Rajeev is shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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