Parineeti 11th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Jaswant dies in a terrorist attack

Parineeti 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jaswant, Gurpreet and Parineet come to the college for her admission. Jaswant goes to check the process. Gurpreet tells Parineet that your father always wanted you to study, are you happy? Parineet says yes, when Bauji talked about how I can help Rajeev after doing this work made sense to me. Jaswant asks her to fill out the form. She imagines Rajeev telling her that he is proud of her. She smiles and thinks I keep thinking about Rajeev, I miss him so much. She asks around for a pen but Jaswant brings it for her. Pari thinks he always knows what I want. Gurpreet tells Jaswant that you take care of his kids like no other, Jaswant says I will take care of her till Rajeev comes back. Parineet writes her name with Rajeev’s on the form but it flies away. Pari runs to catch the form. Some goons are entering college. All students are running out of there. Jaswant goes to drink water. The staff tells everyone that the college was attacked, run from here. One goon grabs Gurpreet. A policewoman takes Parineet out of the college. Jaswant hides after seeing the goons take Gurpreet away. Pari cries for her parents and says I need to go inside. The policewoman says you can’t go in. The terrorist calls the inspector and says we will kill everyone in the college if you don’t free our boss from the jail. He says I have planted a bomb in the college and we have kidnapped some students. The inspector calls the commissioner and tells him about the terrorists’ demands. Pari sees that the inspector is her uncle and says my parents are inside. The commissioner tells the inspector that we won’t bow to them, and arrest the terrorists dead or alive.

All family members watch the news about the college. Harmwan calls Jaswant. Beeji is worried for them. Mandeep says don’t worry.

Parineet goes to the backside of the college and enters inside. She says I am coming. She goes to college. Jaswant silently goes to Gurpreet and sits with her. He says I will try to do something. He silently starts opening the ties of all the hostages. People try to run but the terrorists shout at them and ask who opened their ties? Pari hides from the goons. Gurpreet tells the terrorists and says I opened the ties, Jaswant says no I did. Pari screams to distract the terrorists and runs from there. The terrorist says I will kill this Jaswant. Gurpeet pleads to leave him alone. Parineet comes there and throws powder in the goon’s eyes. They all start running from there. The police enter the college and start fighting the goons. Jaswant, Gurpreet and Parineet are running outside the college. Gurpreet finds a girl hiding and goes to save her. She says come with me, I am like your mother. Jaswant asks Pari to go, I will go and look for Gurpreet. Pari runs from there. Jaswant goes to look for Gurpreet. She brings a girl to him, he says let’s run out of here. The goon some there and says I won’t spare you. The inspector comes there so the goon grabs Gurpreet. She bites on his hand and tries to run but a goon shoots Jaswant. Parineet runs there. They all cry for him.

PRECAP – Jaswant is dead. They have to do his last rituals. The priest says a son can do the last rituals of him. Vicky says Parineet deserves to do it. Later Harman tells Mandeep that I will do anything for Parineet. Mandeep says Rajeev called and he wants Pari to go to Chandigarh. She brings Parineet to a bus stand and leaves her there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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