Pandya Store 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev upsets the family

Pandya Store 9th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman hugging Dhara. Raavi says it’s a matter of few days, Rishita will come. Suman says I m scared that its not for a matter of few days. Dhara says Rishita left because of me, I made a mistake to lock her. Suman says it’s the beginning of the family breaking. Dhara says don’t say this. Suman says you did that unknowingly, but Rishita thought well. Dhara asks her to do something. Suman says I will stand by you always. Dhara thanks her and cries.

Gautam says no one will question Dev, I m going to the shop, I don’t want any fights. He leaves. Dev comes. Dhara says we should plan to convince Rishita and get her home. He says no need to plan, she won’t come back in this house. Suman looks on. Dev says its good if she stays there, no need to worry for her, I dropped her safely, her mum had prepared to send her fav food, we don’t even know making such food, Raavi says right, only a mum can understand a child. Suman says right, no one can understand a child better than his mum. Dev says don’t misunderstand me, Rishita is happy there with her family, if she stays here, then she will remember what happened. He says if anyone did this with Dhara, then how would she react. He asks how did you think when Gautam decided to discontinue your pregnancy, you are a woman, you would understand her, sorry if you felt bad. Suman says you will say anything and then say sorry. He goes. Suman asks Dhara to call Rishita. Dhara says let it be. Suman says its imp, she will say we didn’t call her back, I will invite her home. Dhara calls Rishita.

Rishita doesn’t answer. Suman says she thinks she is the first woman who got pregnant. She shouts Dev. Dev asks what happened. Suman says make a video call to Rishita, I will see what service she is getting there. Dev calls Rishita. Rishita says Suman would be making Dev call me. She doesn’t answer. Suman says Janardhan will raise this matter, I m scared that Dev… Raavi says everything will be fine. Gautam and Shiva have a talk at the store. Gautam says I feel bad for Dhara, she gets hurt when any relation breaks. Shiva says this happens when someone is much good. Gautam leaves. Dev comes and says I can’t talk to Shiva, I can’t leave Rishita alone. Kalyani and Kamini take care of Rishita. Kamini says Dev should be with you. Kalyani says maybe he had work. She asks how did Dhara permit you to come here. Rishita says don’t say bad about anyone, please. She says I expect the same from dad, that his step is genuine, don’t break my trust again and insult me, I really want everything to get fine between both the families. He says yes, make shopping list and plan it. She says I will make a list.

Raavi tries to open the gathbandhan knot. Shiva says you will tie it more tightly like this, you don’t go to Maayka now like Rishita did. She says its not wrong to go to Maayka. He says you find Rishita right. Raavi says I m scared that the family will break, I supported Rishita so that the fight doesn’t get high, I can’t see this family breaking. She hugs him.

Janardhan shows the baby room to Rishita. She gets so happy. She hugs him. He asks are you happy. She says yes. Shiva says you can’t get lonely when I m here. He pulls her close. Chup chup ke…. Plays… She hugs him. Suman and Dhara say we should bring Rishita back. Suman says Janardhan won’t let her come back, I feel this plan is of forever.

Dev recalls Rishita. He thinks Rishita did a lot for this family. Dhara says I also feel scared but… Dev says I have to decide it fast. He gets Rishita’s message. He says I want to come to you, but these relations.

Rishita leaves the house. Shiva says you have changed Dev. Dev argues.

Update Credit to: Amena

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