Pandya Store 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita leaves Pandya house

Pandya Store 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara and Rishita arguing. Raavi takes Dhara’s side. Dev looks on. Dhara says your mum asked you not to see my face in the morning, was that right, I came in front of you in the morning, and you turned away, answer me. Rishita says you proved that your thinking will be small, though you talk sweet, I don’t want to give any justification, I don’t care what you think, Dev say something or will you just sit as a statue. Dev cries and hugs Rishita. He says I should have not left you by trusting anyone. Rishita says I won’t be lucky always, Dhara has a problem with me, I m going to end her problems, I can’t handle more stress, Dev I don’t want to stay here. Everyone looks on. Janardhan gets mangoes. He asks Kalyani to keep the mangoes. He says once Rishita comes, I will get the fruit market. He goes. Kirti says dad is so happy that he is becoming Nana, he got all the vegs and fruits. She messages Krish and says maybe he is upset with me. Dhara says you won’t go anywhere. Rishita says I m going to my parents’ house. Dev says everything is here to take care of you, please don’t go. Suman asks will you cut my nose by going there. Rishita says it will be good for me and my baby, please don’t stop me. Dhara asks Raavi to explain Rishita. Raavi turns away.

Dhara says you also turned away, you know me since childhood, you also think I m jealous of Rishita. Raavi says no, if she wants to go to her Maayka, then what’s the problem, she is the mum, it should be her decision. Shiva asks her not to use her mind. She asks why, its my family, I have a right to say if Dhara asks. He asks her to keep the family respect. He says Janardhan will defame our family. She says respect can’t be ruined for a little thing, mum is mum and Saas is Saas, if she feels comfortable with her mum, then let her go. Suman says Prafulla has raised you. She asks Rishita did she not understand what she said. Rishita says I want to leave this house before dying by suffocation. Krish gets Kirti’s call. She says Dev came to pick me tomorrow, I was stuck, you didn’t reply. He says sorry, you didn’t tell Dev right. She says Rishita warned me, Dev also warned, we will not meet for some days. He says I have found a way to meet you, bye, love you. Gautam says Rishita, stay here and decide after your anger calms down. Suman asks Rishita not to go. Dhara says don’t go in anger. Shiva says stop pleading now. He holds Dhara. Dev shouts you don’t talk in between, Shiva, elders are talking. He asks Dhara to let Rishita go and end the matter, why do you want to give her stress. Dhara says I won’t give stress. Dev says she will get care in her Maayka, I always stand by you all, I have to stand by Rishita, Rishita and baby are my responsibility. Dhara asks Rishita to give her a chance. Dev says stop it, please stop crying, don’t drag this matter, I will drop Rishita home. Krish says I will come along. Dev refuses. They leave. Dhara cries and says stop them. Gautam says Dev went to drop Rishita, he will come back, calm down. Shiva says this is not happening right, Dev went to pick Kirti, Rishita had sent him, how is Dhara wrong always. Gautam hugs Dhara. She cries. Shiva says its Dev and Rishita’s mistake.

Dev and Rishita come to Janardhan’s house. Kalyani and everyone smile. Kalyani does Rishita’s aarti. She hugs Rishita. Kalyani and Janardhan hug Dev. Janardhan thanks Dev. Rishita asks can I stay here for some days. Janardhan says its your house, come. Kamini says yes, come inside. Janardhan thinks Pandyas have lost that you came here. Kirti says Kalyani made pasta for you, so I was coming to give it. Rishita asks how did you know that I wanted to have pasta. Kalyani says I m your mum and know it. Dev says I just came to drop Rishita. Rishita says Dhara was making me mad. He says don’t take stress. She says I m helpless and came here because of Dhara. He hugs her and asks her to calm down. Kalyani gets the food for them. She asks is everything fine at your home. Rishita says no, Suman and Dhara packed my bags knowing I m missing you. Kalyani says now I have no tension, stay well and take care. Dev holds Rishita’s hand. He says I will go now. She says I need you, we are pregnant, think well and decide.

Suman says get Rishita back, it’s a forever plan. Dev recalls Rishita and Dhara. He thinks I have to decide what to do. Shiva and Dev argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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