Pandya Store 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita lashes out at Dhara

Pandya Store 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev bringing Rishita home. Dhara goes to hold her. Rishita makes her away. Gautam takes Dhara. Raavi asks Rishita to stay happy, she is brave. Dev nods. Dhara comes. She says if anything happened to you today… Rishita lies to sleep. Dhara and Raavi leave. Raavi gets busy in work. Shiva comes to help. He asks why are you sad. Raavi says I m scared, Rishita is strong, she didn’t say anything, don’t know what will she do now. Rishita sits alone and cries. Suman says I know you are worried and angry, its justified when its about a baby. Dev also cries. Gautam, Krish and Shiva look at him. Dev asks how can I make such a big mistake, I left Rishita alone. Gautam hugs him and says its our mistake also, that we went for puja. Shiva says even I wasn’t here, its my mistake also. Suman asks are you feeling strong, you should be brave, sit here for sometime if you want. Rishita says I will do what I find right. Shiva says our family women fought the robbers. Krish asks Dev not to cry. The brothers hug. Gautam says I will fix cctv in the house. Dev likes the idea. Suman comes there. Dev says I will warm some water for Rishita and come. Shiva asks Gautam not to worry. Dhara says I have made a cake for Rishita. Krish asks shall I call Kirti, Rishita will feel good. Suman says no, Janardhan will taunt us that we couldn’t handle his daughter for one night. Rishita gets her bag. Everyone gets shocked. Dhara asks her what happened. Dev asks where are you going. He hugs Rishita. Dhara says you fight with me, but don’t stay silent, see I made your fav cake, have it. Rishita throws the cake away and gets angry. She scolds Dhara. She says Suman is right, you are really a daughter of someone who fled. Suman asks her to talk well. Rishita asks why, is it not her responsibility, why did she run away when she had to take care of me.

Dev looks at Dhara. He says I can’t believe that Dhara can do this. Dhara says I had called you all, I had no option than to get help from neighbors. Rishita says you planned to leave me alone and go, she locked me in the room, then she got hid, so that she can run away, I m pregnant, so she didn’t come back, thank God, neighbors had come. Dhara says you can’t think well, I went out to get help to save you, how shall I explain you, I didn’t know that the robbers will break the lock. Rishita says I have seen your true face. Dhara says listen to me. Krish recalls Kirti’s words that he comes in her good books, he should take her side during the house fights. Krish asks Dhara to let Rishita talk. Shiva asks Krish to not interfere. Dhara says I didn’t know that the thieves will break the lock, how shall I explain you. Shiva says we know you were saving Rishita. Rishita says her way was wrong. Suman asks Dhara how did you lock her, if anything happened to her in tension. Dev cries. Rishita says I m lucky that my baby and I are safe after her numerous attempts, she has a problem with my baby and me, she is jealous of us. She asks Shiva to respect Dhara. She says I know what I m saying, you can go if you can’t hear this truth, take her also, I m not able to tolerate her face. Gautam gets upset. Suman asks are you in senses or not. Rishita says I don’t need any alcohol like Dhara to say the truth.

Rishita says I can’t be lucky always, I m ending all the problems by leaving. Dev says don’t give stress to Rishita. Dev and Rishita leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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