Pandya Store 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita gets saved

Pandya Store 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the old lady asking the man to check if Rishita is alive or dead. The man checks Rishita. The boy comes and says the people are coming to surround the house, what will you do now. The old lady rushes out. She sees Dhara with the people. Dhara slaps the old lady and scolds her for the theft. She says why didn’t Rishita come out till now. She runs to see. She sees Rishita fallen down. Dhara hugs her. Dev comes and asks what happened. The man says the old lady had come to rob your house. Dev runs inside the house. He sees Rishita unconscious. He asks what happened to her. Kanta says its good that locality people came to help on time. Dhara says I will tell you on the way. Dev takes Rishita. They leave in the ambulance. Suman and everyone return home, and see the ambulance going. Suman prays for the patient. Dev says I can’t wait for the ward boy. He takes Rishita inside the hospital. The lady says Dhara and Dev have taken Rishita to the hospital, the robbers tried to rob your house, Rishita fainted. Suman and everyone are shocked. They also rush to the hospital. Doctor checks Rishita. She says I know she is pregnant, our first priority is to save her and then the baby. Dev cries. Doctor comes back and says we are trying our best, be prepared, there are chances of miscarriage. Suman and everyone come there. They all cry and hold hands. Dhara hugs Gautam and says do something, talk to the doctor.

Gautam asks her to calm down. Dev asks how did the thieves enter the house. Dhara says by the window, a little boy came in the house and opened the window, the robbers came inside. Dev asks why didn’t you call anyone. Dhara says I called you all and police, but call didn’t connect due to bad weather. Dev says its my mistake, I should have not left her alone. Suman asks where did you go. He says Kirti was stuck somewhere, Rishita asked me to get her. Suman asks why, her dad could have gone. He says if anything happens to Rishita and her baby, then I can’t forgive myself. Doctor comes and says patient and her baby are out of danger. They all smile. Doctor says you can meet her, she is scared, she shouldn’t get physical and mental stress. Dhara says I will take care of Rishita. Gautam says I promise to free you from the store duty. Raavi says I promise to feed her healthy food. Shiva says I promise to protect her from the world’s bad sight. Krish says I promise to crack jokes and keep her happy. Nurse asks them to meet the patient. Dev asks Dhara to not go inside now, Rishita will see her and…..

Dev goes. Gautam asks Dhara not to feel guilty. Suman asks when can we take her home. Doctor says you can take her home today itself. Dev hugs Rishita. She says I was scared. Suman and Raavi meet her. Raavi says all the problems got away because of me. Suman says yes, doctors didn’t do anything. She wards off bad sight. Raavi says I don’t want this. Suman asks her to give it to the poor. Krish gets flowers for Rishita. Dhara comes. Rishita looks at her. Gautam says we will go home now. Dev asks are you fine. Rishita recalls Dhara running away.

Rishita packs her bags. She scolds Dhara. Dev says Rishita can’t take stress, don’t give her stress. They leave the house. Dhara cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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