Pandya Store 2nd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara apologizes to Janardhan

Pandya Store 2nd April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishita getting angry that Dhara insulted her dad. Dev says I will apologize to your parents. Dhara comes and asks why will you apologize, I will apologize. She apologizes to Rishita. Rishita asks her to apologize to her parents. She scolds Dhara a lot. Dhara gets sad. Suman asks them to come and have food. Dhara asks Rishita not to get anger out on food. Rishita shuts her ears. Dhara goes.

Janardhan says I had controlled myself when I went to Pandyas, they think they are equal to us. Kalyani asks can’t we tolerate that for Rishita’s baby. Kamini says we are ready to do anything for her baby, it doesn’t mean that we will let the baby get raised in that hut. He says yes, we have to do something that Rishita comes home happily. The old lady comes to Pandya house. Dev cooks for Rishita. She likes it. They hear the lady crying and asking for help. They all come out to see. Suman says I think something is wrong at Kanta’s house. They go to Kanta and see her hurt. Dev calls the doctor. Dhara does the aid. Suman asks what happened. Kanta says an old lady came. FB shows the old lady asking for some food. Kanta says I got the food for her, then I don’t know what happened, I fainted down, she had loot everything. Dhara says don’t cry.

Shiva sees the room. Police comes. Inspector asks Shiva to go out and not touch anything. He checks the room. Kanta says it’s the third robbery in our lane. Suman says she can’t come to my house, my four sons will beat her. its morning, Shiva asks Raavi for breakfast. Raavi says I will feed you in a special way. She holds the sandwich in her mouth. She asks him to have it. He looks at her. chup chupke…plays… They eat the sandwich. She stops him and says have the food. Suman asks Shiva to come soon. Raavi goes.

Gautam asks how is Kanta now. Suman says she is fine, I spoke to pandit, we will go and pray at the temple tomorrow, we will pray for Shiva and Raavi. Shiva asks her not to worry. Dhara says its not good that Rishita goes there. Dev says I will stay back with her. she says I will stay back. Rishita argues. Dhara says you are taunting me, I m doing my duty, I won’t stay if you don’t want, what will you do alone. Janardhan and Kalyani come. Rishita hugs Kalyani and thanks them for coming.

Dhara apologizes to them for insulting them. Suman says its fine, you were drunk, Janardhan has a big heart, he will forgive you. He says yes, we are one family. Dev gets a call and says yes, we need a big car for the trip. Janardhan asks where are you going. Suman says we are going to temple. He says I request you to permit Rishita to stay in our house if she isn’t going with you all. He asks Dev to take the car from his home. Dev says no, I booked. Dhara says I will stay back with Rishita. Janardhan says okay, we will leave now. Rishita says you didn’t have the breakfast. He looks at the breakfast. He says no, take care, no need of all this. He leaves. Suman says I get worried when Janardhan talks sweetly, take care of yourself and Rishita. Dev nods. Kalyani says I m scared that you will be alone here with Dhara, call me if you need help. Rishita says don’t worry, I m safe here. She hugs Kalyani. The old lady smiles. They leave. The old lady says its good that house will be vacant, my work got easy. Its morning, Dhara sees Rishita. She hears Rishita getting Kalyani’s words. She misunderstands Rishita and cries. Dhara goes Shiva and Raavi’s aarti. They leave with the family. Suman says we will come soon, take care.

Dev, Dhara and Rishita go inside the house. The old lady looks on. Shiva teases Raavi. Suman asks her to control her hands. Raavi pinches Shiva. Shiva screams. Suman asks did she beat you. Shiva says no, I m feeling hungry. Raavi says we have a fast today. Suman says you keep the fast, he can’t stay hungry.

Rishita talks to Sagar. She says I won’t come to office today. He asks her to come when she feels better. She says I have to give your 1 lakh as well. The old lady comes. Dhara hears Rishita on call. Rishita goes to sleep. Dhara gets busy in her work.

The old lady and her gang come home to loot the house. Rishita and Dhara get trapped. Rishita falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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