Pandya Store 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita and Dhara get against

Pandya Store 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Dhara saying their hearts have the dirt, you know their truth. She says Kalyani was telling Rishita that she should leave this house and come to her, why, will we leave her in any jungle or not give her good food, because Dhara stays in this house, she has a bad sight, she shouldn’t see Dhara’s face because Dhara can’t become a mum. Everyone gets shocked.Gautam asks what are you saying. Rishita says you have heard mum and my talk, is there any privacy or not. Dhara shouts on her. Suman asks Dhara to come. Dhara says my mum had run away many years ago, but Suman is still stuck there, we were little children, we didn’t know where did she go, how shall I get her. Gautam asks her to come. Dhara says leave me. She scolds Kalyani.She asks Kalyani not to interfere in Sasural, only then respect is kept. Rishita says you have come to give free advice again. Dhara says I don’t trust your family, they are liars. She says Janardhan will hug Gautam and stab his back, he is a big liar. Rishita cries. Dhara says Rishita won’t go here, she will stay here. Rishita says you insulted my parents, shall I answer you. Dev says Dhara is wrong, even your mum is wrong, Dhara is drunk. Rishita says person says truth when drunk but you are in senses, don’t take stress, I will apologize to your dad. Rishita asks her family to go. Janardhan says I had come here to end the bitterness, but I got insulted, I will keep trying for my grandchild, stop crying, take care, I will go.Janardhan and Kalyani leave. Gautam apologizes to Rishita. Krish gifts the earrings to Kirti. He recalls taking the earrings from Dhara’s box. He says its of gold, didn’t you like it. Kirti says its really beautiful, thanks, I love you. He says I love you too. They hug. Shiva says you love me, how to win your heart again. She says you have to impress me. She shuts the door. He calls her mad. Krish smokes. Dhara sees Krish and Kirti. He worries. Kirti runs away. Rishita says Dhara wasn’t in senses, I m worry. Kalyani says Dhara is jealous of your pregnancy, stay alert of her, I will be worried for you, take care of yourself and baby. Rishita worries. Shiva gets an idea. She says I will show her what’s romance. He sits taking a bath. He asks where is the mug. Raavi comes to help. He asks her to get the mug, his eyes are burning. Suman asks Raavi to help Shiva. Shiva says tell her, my eyes are burning. Gautam says let them stay happy. Suman and Gautam go.Raavi slips into Shiva’s lap. He jokes on her. She takes the mug and says good try. He says I m like this only. She pours water on him and goes.Raavi gives the tea to everyone, but not Shiva. Rishita says this outfit has come for you, is it beautiful. Suman says yes. Krish says we should everyone will unite, but Dhara’s thandai spoiled it. Shiva asks did anything happen again. Rishita says Dhara insulted my parents and they left, happy now. Raavi says Shiva was just asking you. Rishita says you can’t understand that it hurts if parents get insulted, my heart craves for their love, nothing will get fine. Suman asks Gautam to handle things, Janardhan got this happily, accept the gifts, Rishita and the baby are the most imp now. Gautam says show us what Janardhan got for us. Everyone accepts the gifts. Raavi likes the dress. Shiva says it will suit you. Krish wears the tshirt and it gets torn. Dev jokes on the cheap clothes. Krish says sorry, I was trying it. Rishita takes the clothes back and says wear this when I ask my dad to send bill and prove it branded. Gautam scolds Krish. Shiva and Raavi have a moment. Everyone sits for dinner.Suman says we will keep a puja for house peace. Dhara comes holding her head. Krish wishes Dhara doesn’t remember anything. Dhara apologizes to Suman. Suman asks who asked you to drink thandai, Janardhan came happily and you told him everything that we kept in our heart, you said sorry, promise, you won’t do any drama, you came to say sorry again, go and have food. Rishita says Suman would have scolded us a lot if we did this mistake, Dhara always gets forgiven.Precap:The old lady hears Rishita talking to Kalyani. She says my work has got easy, I m waiting for the night. Someone screams. Everyone comes out to see.Update Credit to: Amena

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