Pandya Store 16th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Suman overhears Dhara’s idea

Pandya Store 16th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev saying we will come. Rishita says we won’t come. Dhara says I will wait for you and Dev, take care. She hugs Rishita. Gautam and Dhara leave. Shiva is at the store. He sees the other store and thinks which new store is opening here. He goes to ask who is opening the store. The man says I don’t know his name, but the things are branded. Shiva asks doesn’t the owner come. The man says he is there, that’s his car. He thinks I think I have seen that car. Raavi introduces Shiva to her friend Rashmi and says Shiva, Rashmi will be teaching you. Rashmi says okay, you can come to classes at 12. Raavi says he will come. Rashmi goes. Shiva says I have to be at store. Raavi asks him not to worry, she will handle everything. A customer comes and asks for sugar. Shiva goes to get. Raavi asks Shiva to get ready for the party. Shiva asks what’s the use, its totally a bad idea. She asks him to think of studies. He smiles seeing her. He lifts her and helps her in work. Gautam and Dhara do the party arrangements. Shiva comes to the classes.

The students think he is Sir. Shiva says I have come to study. The students laugh and try to rag him. Rashmi comes. She says I m going to introduce you to the new student of the batch. The students tease Shiva. Rashmi asks Shiva to sit. She says we will study accounting for partnership. Shiva leaves. He comes to the store. Raavi asks how was the first day. Shiva says those students are little goons. She asks why did you get scared of them. He says they were pulling my face, do I look as uncle, they were calling me uncle and teasing me. Raavi compliments him. He says I won’t go there. She asks him to study. He says those kids are mad. Suman also sees the new store opening. Dhara asks did you think what to gift Dev and Rishita on anniversary. Gautam says no. Dhara says I have thought of it, we will gift something to show our good intentions, we will gift a share of the store to Dev, I m sure that Janardhan and Kamini are brainwashing Rishita against us, I trust Dev, but Rishita…. You know she is influenced by her parents. He says you mean we will give a share of the store to Dev, you are talking of partitioning, I won’t do this, Shiva and Krish also have a right in it. She says I will handle Shiva and Krish, this will be the best gift. He says I have to ask mum. Dhara says when mum knows this, she will be upset, I promise I will tell her the truth, don’t tell her now, she will agree, I m sure. Suman looks on.

She says Dhara is hitting her leg on the axe, she won’t listen to me. Dhara says we will give shop papers to Dev and Rishita after cake cutting. Dev says I will go there alone. Rishita says I told you about the trip already, you won’t go. He says I m going, you do what you want. Dhara asks Gautam to go to registry office. Gautam says I don’t like all this. Dhara says when everything gets fine later, you come to applaud, we have to do this for Rishita, store will get partitioned, but not my house and family, please agree.

Suman says you try, but I won’t let this happen. Dhara sees her. Raavi says we should go and help Gautam and Dhara. Shiva says no, they are already happy, I can’t see them sad. She says we will get sorrowful together. He says Rishita won’t come. She asks won’t we go, come please.

Dhara asks Suman to go in the store and sit. Suman says you want me to leave. Shiva comes to handle decorations. Dhara smiles and hugs her. He says I won’t forgive Dev. She says its enough that you have come here. Gautam says see the work here, I will just come. Suman looks on. Kamini says its your decision, you want to stay here or in Sasural, we will support your decision, if Dev goes alone, then he won’t come back in this house, Dhara will not leave this chance, she will win, and you will lose, think you want to go in party or not. Dhara welcomes the guests. Gautam comes and shows the papers to Dhara. Suman looks on. Dev and Rishita come there with family. Dhara says we have to wait till cake cutting.

Dhara hears Janardhan’s plans and gets shocked. Suman threatens of jumping inside the well if Dhara goes out of the house.

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