Pandya Store 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara meets Rishita and Dev

Pandya Store 15th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiva saying I don’t feel bad of Rishita’s words, Dev made you cry, I have seen you crying at the shop, I won’t apologize, I will make Dev pay for every tear. Suman looks on. Dev comes to Rishita and gets angry. She worries. She asks what happened, why are you so angry, tell me, you have an argument with him at the shop. Shiva says my heart isn’t so big. Dhara comes home. Shiva says Dev made you cry, he will have to pay for it. Gautam asks him to understand. Dhara says enough, you won’t say anything to them, they have grown up, so they are going against your word, you come with me, I need to talk to you. She takes Gautam. Suman thinks what happened there that Shiva isn’t ready to listen to Gautam.

Rishita says they have a problem with us, they don’t want us to come home, you have a right on the house and store. Dev says I know Gautam won’t let wrong happen with me, Shiva…. Whom were you talking to. She says we are going on vacation, its our first anniversary, if we stay here, then there will be something wrong, we will go with our friends.

Raavi sees Shiva coming. She says Shiva doesn’t need this, I will burn these papers. Shiva asks what are you doing. He runs and saves the papers from burning. He asks did you go mad. She says leave it, it’s the past memories, let it burn. He asks for water. She gives him more of the papers and his school uniform. She says your memories. She says these papers that’s burning aren’t your certificates, I have kept it safely. Shiva hugs it and cries. She asks how did you stay away from studies, Dev did MBA, Krish is studying, Gautam doesn’t need to lift sacks now, Pandya store earns decent.

Dhara lights the candles. She says once the light comes, I will tell everyone. Shiva says yes, I will study and get ahead in life, I will check for 12th forms, date can get missed. Raavi says I have filled your form. Dhara asks them to come downstairs and have dinner, lights have come. Shiva says you filled it. Raavi says private student Shiva Pandya from open board. He asks how did you know I will agree. She says I live in your heart, I know your heart well. He cries.

He says I will study commerce, it will help in managing the shop. She says business and accountancy, I have filled your form, you will just study, I will handle everything, thanks for listening to me. He says thanks for doing this for me, but how will Gautam handle the store alone. She says just focus on studies, we will handle everything. He thanks her. He says I m listening to you because you are right.

Dhara asks everyone to have food. Gautam stays upset with Shiva. The electrician comes and says change the old wires, else it can catch fire by short circuit. Gautam says I will tell you when I have to change it. Dhara says I have to talk something imp, Gautam is ready for it. Suman asks what is it. Dhara says I m going to meet Rishita and Dev. Shiva asks will you go there after bearing so much insult. She asks did you respect Gautam, no, right, you are still here, its their first wedding anniversary. Suman says its one year now. Dhara says its our duty to make it more special. Gautam says Dhara has challenged Kamini that she will get Rishita home, Kamini will lose. Dhara says that’s why we are celebrating this anniversary, it will be our first step to get them back. Gautam says we want everyone to get involved, but we aren’t forcing everyone. Raavi says I won’t sit quiet if Rishita does anything. Dhara says you can plan the drama later, come and have food. Suman thinks I m scared that Dhara won’t succeed this time. Kamini asks the man to decorate the house. Dev and Rishita come back from jogging. Kamini taunts him. Dev says I would have got time for Rishita even if I was busy. Rishita asks why did you say that. Kamini says I didn’t know he will feel bad, we will have an anniversary party. Rishita says we aren’t here on that day, you should have asked us. Gautam and Dhara come home. Dev happily hugs them. Dhara asks are you okay. He nods. Dhara hugs Rishita. She says I got Gond laddoos for you, I made this for you, take this. Kamini says we were going to come to your house. Dhara says to drop Dev and Rishita. Kamini says we were coming to invite you. Dhara says we have also come to invite you for Rishita and Dev’s first wedding anniversary party. Dev smiles. Rishita says I m sorry, but we have other plans, we can’t come. Kamini says Rishita, you should go. Kalyani asks what about our party. Kamini says both the families want to party, we will keep it together, in front of Pandya store. Dhara thinks something is fishy.

Dhara says we thought to gift the shop’s share to Dev. Gautam says you are talking of partition. Suman threatens Dhara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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