Pandya Store 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev and Shiva fight

Pandya Store 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi handing over the papers to Shiva. She says these are your dreams, Shiva. He says you want me to go to school. She asks when did I ask you to go to school, distance education also exists, you can decide to study, I m with you. He says don’t show me dreams, go home. He leaves. She says I will not let you go easily, I will get stuck to you, I won’t leave you until you say yes to study. Dhara comes to Janardhan’s house. Kamini sees her and thinks what is Dhara doing here. She pushes Dhara and says Rishita doesn’t want to meet you all, first Shiva came and then Gautam.

Kamini says Rishita hates you all. Dhara says what do you think, you will say anything and I will go from here, you will break my family, sorry, I won’t let this happen, I will take Dev and Rishita to my place, its my challenge, get out. Rishita hears Kamini. Kamini says you forgot what I did with you one year back. Dhara recalls the slap. Dhara says Rishita had come to our house against your wish even that time, and she will come now also. Rishita asks did anyone come, why is Bua angry. Dhara asks Kamini to accept the challenge. She leaves. Kamini stops Rishita.

She says there was some beggar. Janardhan smiles. Dev comes to the store. He sees Gautam worried. Gautam says its your shop, come in, explain me accounts, I m trying since one hour. Dev says sorry that you had to hear all that because of me, I get silent seeing Rishita. Gautam says no need to clarify, forget it, we can do this for Rishita. Dev hugs him and cries.

Dhara buys a bouquet. She thinks I will bring Dev and Rishita home. Shiva comes to the store. He asks what is Janardhan’s Jamai raja doing here, did he come to partition the store. Dev says you think so. Shiva and Dev argue. Gautam asks them to stop fighting. The people look on. Shiva says his wife comes home and locks the room, saying its her right, now he has come to the store, what does he want, his right on the store.

Shiva asks Dev to go to Janardhan’s house, he will get his share. Dhara does shopping for Rishita. Shiva gives him money and scolds him. He says I will go from here, I don’t find Dev my brother now. Gautam asks where are you going. Shiva says when Dev decides where he will sit, then I will come and sit, keep him away from me, else I can do anything in anger. Gautam asks Dev to convince Shiva. He says clear the misunderstandings. Dev says let him go, before anything wrong happens by me, Rishita says right, Shiva tells anything to anyone, I will come in this store when Shiva comes and apologizes to me. He goes.

Gautam says the store is getting loss because of them. He sees someone at the other store. He says it was closed till now. He asks who has bought this shop. The man says a supermarket is opening here. Gautam worries. Raavi says I m finding distance education course. Shiva asks whose laptop is this. She says its Rishita’s laptop. He asks her to keep it back. She says I m more stubborn than you. He shuts the laptop. He says don’t touch Rishita’s things. Gautam comes home and calls out Shiva. Suman asks what happened. He sees Rishita’s room open and asks who unlocked it. She says its my house, I can do anything. He says a new fight will start, you did wrong by opening the lock. He locks the door. He says I won’t listen to you. He asks Shiva to give the keys to Rishita and apologize to Dev. Raavi asks why will he apologize to Dev. Gautam says Shiva misbehaved with Dev at the store. Raavi says then Dev and Rishita should apologize to you all, once they apologize to Shiva, then Shiva will apologize to them. Gautam says everyone is forgetting limits, Raavi stay out of this. Dhara comes home and looks on. Shiva says she isn’t saying wrong, I won’t apologize to Dev.

Gautam and Dhara come home. Dhara says we came to invite you in Rishita and Dev’s first anniversary party. Rishita says we won’t come, we have other plans. Dhara says its your decision, I will wait for you and Dev.

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