Pandya Store 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Raavi feels proud of Shiva

Pandya Store 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi hearing Shiva. She hides. He leaves from there. She goes and checks his marksheets and sketches. She says I never saw him in this state before. She prays for him. She recalls his words. She cries. She sees the haldi box and takes some haldi in her dupatta. Kamini asks where did you go early morning, don’t do this again, we got married, Dev you should take care of Rishita. Janardhan asks Dev to have breakfast. Gautam comes home. He asks Dev and Rishita to pack bags and come home. He says its good if the house fight stays in the house. Rishita says your family made it an issue. Gautam says its your house also, you have fought and came here, its not right, come home. Janardhan says sorry, but Dev and Rishita came two days back, you came to take them, they will stay here. Gautam says I request you not to interfere in our family matter. Janardhan says I m her dad, I have a right to say, they will stay here. Gautam says I m talking to Rishita, I don’t want to argue, we will solve the problems, you can’t decide for them. Rishita says you also can’t decide. Dev asks Gautam to go back to the shop. Janardhan says Dhara had left Rishita and her baby to die and ran away, don’t be surprised, Rishita didn’t tell us, Shiva came here and told everything, if I send my daughter there, then shame on me.

Suman sees Rishita’s room locked. She goes to open it. Dhara comes. She asks what are you doing. Suman says I m playing kabaddi. Dhara says leave it, we don’t need this room, if Rishita comes back, then she will get angry. Suman says we will get inside. Gautam says you don’t know the entire truth. Janardhan says I don’t want to know the entire truth, Rishita has a threat in that house, you can never become a father so you can’t understand a father’s pain. Dev gets angry. Janardhan says Rishita has seen much poverty in that house, I don’t want the baby to see all that, Dev can go back, I won’t let Rishita go back. Gautam says Dev and Rishita are one for me, they both will come or both will stay here. Dev asks Gautam to listen. Gautam goes. Rishita stops Dev. Kamini smiles.

Suman opens Dev’s room. She says what did Rishita think, she will lock the room in my house and leave, I will decide which room will get locked here and which won’t. Dhara says its all my mistake, Rishita went in anger, but I should have convinced her, I left trying, I will convince her and bring her back, she was angry, if she is calm, then maybe she apologizes. Suman signs no.

Raavi follows Shiva. She gets hurt and calls him out. He comes after her. He asks her to leave. She shows him the sketches. She says you decided to quit studies in childhood to help Gautam, am I right. Shiva cries. Raavi says you didn’t tell this to anyone, not even to Dhara, she is right, you are a diamond. She hugs him and cries. She says even big degree people don’t have such a heart and mind, who does such sacrifice in these times. Duniya ke Dastoor se….plays….

She pours the haldi on herself. She says I was Raavi Pandya till now, but today I have become your wife, Raavi Shiva masala Pandya, I m so proud of you, I m proud to be your wife. He asks did you go mad, you think I will give you a life like mine, no way, I didn’t feel bad when Rishita insulted me, I felt bad that you had to hear that, this will happen many times in future, you have to become strong. She says don’t worry for my heart, I m strong, its time that you become strong, why don’t you study again. He asks shall I study if Rishita insulted me. She says you don’t study for anyone, but yourself and your dreams.

Dev stays worried. He says I have to do something, this situation will never change, Gautam came to take us and got insulted, I have to talk to Gautam. Rishita comes. He says I left the house, shall I leave the house as well. Kamini says Gautam came today and soon Dhara will come, they we can’t stop them. Janardhan says yes, I m also worried. Rishita asks Dev to leave Pandya store. Dev says you want me to leave my identity. She thinks if Dev leaves the store, then Shiva and Raavi will take over the store. He asks shall I sit home and stay idle, I can’t ask your parents for money. Janardhan, Kamini and Kalyani look on. Kamini says we have to separate Dev from Pandya store, else his mind will change, we have to play our move.

Shiva asks Dev do you want to partition the shop. He angers Dev. Dev says I will come here when Shiva apologizes to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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