Pandya Store 12th March 2022 Written Episode Update: A shocker for Raavi

Pandya Store 12th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

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The episode begins with Dhara being frightened by Suman. He goes to Raavi’s room , and finds out that Raavi as well as Shiva are missing. He believes that Shiva took Raavi. Suman is taken to the temple and asks for Shiva gets Raavi and brings her to Dharmashala and that she get married, and Shiva’s life gets better. Dhara discovers that Suman is closed in her eyes. Dhara takes advantage of this chance. She is able to get in her car and drives away.

In the morning, the Pandyas have made their way to their vehicle. Gautam and Shiva remain unconscious. Dhara handles Gautam, while Raavi manages Shiva. They chat and laugh. Dhara declares that Suman isn’t there and wonders what Suman is going to do next. Another side Suman contacts Prafulla and informs her that Shiva was the one who took Raavi on a trip to Dharmshala. Prafulla is scared that Shiva will not end up killing her. Suman declares that Shiva is at risk in the presence of Raavi because she’s totally dependent on Shiva. Suman gets worried that Raavi is forced to marry Shiva. She decides to travel to Dharmshala and invites Prafulla to travel there. Prafulla is concerned about whether Raavi’s wedding will be a success. Suman assures her that it will.

Raavi places unconscious Shiva on her bed and covers him in the quilt. The girl apologizes Shiva for what he did and says that he didn’t offer her another option. She is awestruck by Shiva. She promises Shiva that he will never regret marrying her again. She says she will take care of him , and will smile at him when he’s sad, and smile with him when she is content. She claims that she’ll believe in him. She avoided him for a while but not anymore. Shiva is holding Raavi’s dupatta while she the bed. Raavi is happy. She tells him that he is able to speak only when he’s drunk. She takes it off her hand and then leaves. Shiva is adamant that regardless of how she tries, no matter how Raavi is trying, he’ll never marry her.

Krish Asks Rishita whether she or her mom Kriti are coming to the wedding. Rishita states that she doesn’t know and says that their relationship with their families is not good. Rishita wants to relocate her belongings in the upstairs room since she doesn’t like the bathroom she uses, but the bathtub isn’t there. Dhara notices this. Dhara arrives to Rishita to inform her that she’s at CVU and her room is stunning. They have given her an apartment in the basement so she won’t have to climb stairs throughout her pregnancy. She requests Krish to put Rishita’s belongings in the downstairs room before she goes away. Then Rishita asks Dev to inform Dhara to not be over insecure about her pregnancy.

Dhara is able to pour a bucket of water over Gautam to get him awake. She accuses him of getting drunk. Gautam accuses Dev as well as apologizes Dhara. Gautam says she has some restrictions that for instance, Shiva the wedding of Raavi and Shiva is to be completed without any hurdles and is his responsibility. and the third Shiva and Raavi must get Suman’s blessings as well. his accountable. Gautam claims that he is able to accept the first condition, however, the second one isn’t so easy. Dhara decides to not accept the apology. Gautam agrees to the initial condition, but says that for the second, he’ll give it a go. Dhara thank Gautam kissing, and then leaves.

Raavi is getting ready to be a bride. Krish arrives at her and tells her that Shiva ran away, leaving behind the letter. Raavi goes through the letter. Shiva wrote that he doesn’t wish to marry, and that’s why Shiva is going to leave. Raavi feels heartbroken as she reads the letter. Raavi cries hugging Dhara. She wonders why her wedding isn’t normal. Dhara and the rest of the group promise that they will discover Shiva. Then Suman arrives with the police and asks police officers to detain Raavi which shocks everyone. Raavi tears up.

The episode comes to an end.

Summary: Raavi refuses to marry Shiva without her consent. Shiva wants to know Krish who the bride is. Krish declares the bride is Raavi shocking Shiva.

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